Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Selfie Statue Appears in Turkey

They totally had Instagram in the Ottoman era, right?

Staff Writer

Quite an interesting (or weird, depends on your point of view) statue has made an appearance in Turkey recently and is definitely raising some eyebrows.

The statue depicts an Ottoman prince holding a modern day mobile phone, taking a selfie. Yeah, you read that right. It’s a bit creepy/intriguing, admit it. The statue was unveiled in Amsaya, Turkey on the riverbank a day before it actually started getting some attention.

“We built it for a purely visual purpose. We thought it would draw attention,” Osman Akbaş, deputy mayor of Amasya said in a quote on the report of the statue.

Of course you can guess what happened the day after people found out about this. Tourists began to flock to the statue like a baby to a nipple to get a selfie with a statue taking a selfie. That sounds weird once you say it, right?

Naturally, the tourists loved it claiming it to be “different” or “just a joke” but of course some natives weren’t so pleased. Ramis Topal, deputy to the Republican People’s Party tweeted “This is our government’s latest investment in Amasya: A selfie-taking Shahzade. Not a joke.”

Either, way the hype was short lived as unidentified objecters defaced the statue, breaking off the mobile phone.