Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Strictly Vinyl Spinning Classes

Learn to spin like the DJs and producers of the golden age of music with courses right here in Cairo.

Staff Writer

Strictly Vinyl Spinning Classes

Want to learn how to mix records, like a boss? Pro DJs Ahmed Samy and Maie El Sabi bring to you Strictly Vinyl DJ School. Just as the name implies, they'll be offering classes where you can learn how to mix vinyl, kicking off Monday August 24th, and will be taking place in Dokki and Heliopolis. You will learn how to set up and break-down, beat match different genres and across different platforms, learn how to create the perfect set, record and then edit it in post production. 

The vinyl industry is at an all time high with figures escalating year after year, and it’s seeing many DJs take interest in this once lost art form. Vinyl exclusive music, sound quality, and physical interaction are among the numerous reasons people are returning to spin records as opposed to the mundane mouse clicks.

Stricly Vinyl boasts over 3000 records to choose from as you master your craft, and will inform you on the most efficient ways to shop vinyl online from home. Join the Facebook page and wait for more news on what’s to come.