Thursday September 28th, 2023
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Sudanese Students in Egypt to Be Exempted from 90% of Tuition Fees

A lovely gesture for our troubled neighbours.

Staff Writer

The Egyptian Embassy in Khartoum has released a statement announcing that Sudanese students studying in Egyptian public universities will be exempted from 90% of their tuition fees, Egypt Today reports.

The announcement comes in light of continuing political unrest in Egypt’s southern neighbour, which for many has disrupted all and any semblance of normal life – including education.

Earlier this year, president of Assiut University, Tarek Al Gammal, offered students in Sudan the opportunity to continue resume their disrupted studies at the Upper Egypt-located university, with a support system that includes with eased admissions and payments, as well as health insurance coverage and subsidised accommodation at the university's dormitories.

Main image of Cairo University from Wikimedia Commons