Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Tajjer Takes Off

There's a new online shopping service in town offering everything from clothes and cosmetics to electronics and books.

Staff Writer

Tajjer Takes Off

For some reason, the more developed a nation gets, the lazier they get. Just look at what the microwave did to our waistlines and what TV has done for our attention spans. We figure getting clothes, electronics, books and even pets delivered straight to your door is a sign of Egypt advancing. The latest company joining the online crusade is - an easy-to-use, cash-on-delivery online shopping portal stocking everything and anything you can think of at reasonable prices, promising same-day delivery. With perfumes by D&G, CK, Gucci and more, electronics by Apple, novels by Arab and Western authors and dogs by Golden Retrievers, we're impressed by the by the big selection and the great prices. Check it out at