Saturday June 15th, 2024
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The 2014 Selfie Olympics

Another internet trend, another chance for us to be silly. We hope our Human Pyramid Selfie gets us a bronze medal at the very least...

Staff Writer

The 2014 Selfie Olympics

As a species, many suggest that we evolve as time goes on, constantly striving to better ourselves as human beings. In the past century we've discovered electricity, cured countless diseases and even managed to put a man on the moon. However we can't help but wonder if there has been some sort of stunt in evolutionary process. Why, you ask? The Selfie Olympics.

The Selfie Olympics takes the weird, wonderful and the downright ridiculous specimens who enjoy the art of taking stupid photos and actually gives them a purpose, a justification, a reason to exist. The Twitter competition started under the hashtag #selfieolympics and so far has seen thousands of pictures of people doing stupid shit in the most bizarre way possible. 

Here we've compiled a list of our top 10 Selfie Olympics selfies - the (hopefully one time) event lasts until everyone gets bored and jumps on another inane craze. We even added our entry: the Human Pyramid Selfie.