Monday September 25th, 2023
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Egypt Ranks High On Cheapest Countries to Travel To

Apparently, according to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report released yearly, Egypt is great - like, really great - for budget-friendly travels...

Staff Writer

Every year, the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report crowns the best budget traveling addresses around the globe. What countries do you go to if you’re on a shoestring budget? Well, according to the report, Egypt! Our fair land comes in at #2 when assessing what you get for your money when coming to the land by the Nile.

Beaten only by Iran as the #1 budget traveling spot in the world, flights to and from Egypt are cheaper than ever and hotel rooms average at $73.20 a night, with loads of places available for much, much less than that. With the possibility to feed yourself foul and ta3meya for less than a dollar a day, it seems that Egypt is just right for people who have zero shackles but an urge for adventure.

And let’s not forget what Egypt has to offer in exchange for that little money backpackers be spending: an Ancient Wonder of the World, the longest river in the world and warm temperatures day in and day out. Why go anywhere else? WHY? 

The Middle East seems to dominate the rankings as Algeria, Tunisia, Pakistan and Yemen closely follow Egypt in the top ten. Some of them might be cheap to travel to, but most of the countries on the list are currently suffering from problems in one form or another, from poverty to war. The added sense of danger might not be for everyone. But in our unbiased opinion Egypt should make a budget traveler’s heart beat faster: amazing places, friendly faces… and pocket-friendly expenses! Yulla tourists! 

The full top ten is:

1. Iran

2. Egypt

3. Indonesia

4. Yemen

5. The Gambia

6. Malaysia

7. Tunisia

8. India

9. Pakistan

10. Algeria