Sunday September 24th, 2023
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The Name is M. Club M.

We get the lowdown on byGanz's new, ultra-exclusive Club M. We know where we'll be all summer...

Staff Writer

Party organiser extraordinaire, byGanz has announced what’s set to be the hottest hang out spot in Sahel this Summer. Introducing the über-exclusive Club M…

Taking the extravagance of their city shindigs to the beach with a huge line up of parties and entertainment, byGanz’s Sahel expedition will last all summer-long with not one, not two, but THREE parties every week between 20th June and 14th September, with a break for Ramadan. Taking over the gorgeous private beach at Marassi, Club M is the epitome of exclusivity with members having already been handpicked, and membership cards being sent out over the next couple of weeks (though card-holders are allowed to bring guests). That being said, here are the rules of Club M:

First Rule of Club M: You do not talk about Club M... Unless you have a membership card, in which case, tell everyone because you're a lucky SOB.

Second Rule of Club M: Unless you have a medal from the 1972 Summer Olympics, keep the Speedos at home.

Third Rule of Club M: This isn't Gamasa, keep the trunks above the knee.

Fourth Rule of Club M: Remember the trunks. No one wants to see your trunk.

Fifth Rule of Club M: Alright there are too many rules now. Here's what's going down:

Every Thursday night will be Monhara Fel Sahel which means belly dancing, Arabic vocals and DJ Ghandokli playing Arabic and English commercial tunes underneath the stars, right beside the gandofli. Think a modern, open-air Cabaret infusing the old with the new.

Next up is something for a younger, more energetic crowd. Every Friday night the super popular Uptown Cairo Tea Dance takes to the beach for Tea Dance Soiree which will feature an international DJ supported by local talent every week. Expect Tech House and wild dancing, all dressed up by the sea, making you feel like you’re on MTV.

Finally, Saturday nights are Disco Bel 3araby, not to be confused with Disco Bel Kebda or Disco Bel Ananas. Expect nostalgic Arabic tunes from the 80s and 90s, headlined by one of Egypt’s famous singers from those decades and followed by Boogie king DJ Ramy on the decks.

On 11th August Toyboys & Friends will be getting in on the action too, and one can only hope they’ll be bringing a bunch of beach balls, Frisbees and other seaside fun with them.

Find out more about Club M on the byGanz Facebook page here and follow @byGanzEvents on Twitter.