Saturday July 20th, 2024
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The UAE Edits Lady Gaga Show

As the UAE shamelessly announces that they'll be censoring Lady Gaga's Dubai debut, we wonder which exact parts of her usually-extravagant performances will get the chop...

Staff Writer

The UAE Edits Lady Gaga Show

Making her debut in Dubai is none other than the current queen of shock pop, Lady Gaga. Her over-the-top tour will arrive in the UAE this September, and is promised to be a completely unique show that will set it apart from other shows on her tour. Why you, ask? Because it's Dubai, dummy, and as such, a raunchy Lady Gaga show will have to be censored, as her antics often conflicts with local customs.

“There will be some edits for Dubai,” said Marco Rios, the chairman and CEO of AMI Live, one of three companies involved with bringing Gaga to the UAE. “It cannot be the full show, because it wouldn’t be allowed. So it’s a special show for Dubai and for the culture,” he told Gulf News.

Lady Gaga has made quite the name for herself with outlandish outfits, and shocking stage shenanigans, and has officially been banned from Indonesia due to fears of her corrupting the youth.

We imagine the lyrics to be the same, but the show to be heavily edited from her normal performance. It is hard to speculate exactly what will take place at the show, but we here at CairoScene have decided to compile a small list of antics we are almost positive will be taken out of the Dubai show. 

Sexy drumming while a woman pukes green paint on you? 3eib!

Writhing around in foam wearing only your underwear? 3eib! 

Lying down as a hunky dancers thrusts his hips in your face? 3eib! 

Equality? 3eib! 

 Dry humping a half-woman half-motorcycle? Double 3eib!