Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Vent Closing Party

Vent is cramming an entire month's worth of partying into one night for its season closing party on the 25th, before it shuts down for renovations for the Holy Month.

Staff Writer

Sometimes the underground needs to breathe a little, get some space away from all you insouciant party animals and beat makers. This Ramadan Vent have no plans on turning into a makeshift kheima where you can sit down awkwardly with people you're used to hanging out with whilst drunk, playing Monopoly deal and smoking Whisky flavored shisha because that's not haram. No, no, no, instead Vent will be putting a month worth of madness into one night for their massive closing party on Wednesday 25th before renovating the venue during the Holy month.

The night will kick off with a tectonic tantalizing Techno to Tina Turner tactful tasteful and tenebrous minus T set. Two big international acts will follow in the form of ITAL and Aurora Halal, whose name is a rather fitting for a pre-Ramadan party. Before ITAL became ITAL, Brooklyn's Daniel Martin-McCormick made poisoned synth-pop under the name Sex Worker. Prior to that, he was a member of brutal dancepunk band Mi Ami, and yet before the lead singer of hardcore punk band Black Eyes. Under his new pseudonym he creates murky dance music armed with a sampler and synthesizer on stage or as Pitchfork describe it "a dense web of samples both recognizable and damaged, weaved together with effervescent synths and chugging beats, the glossiest encapsulation of his patchwork aesthetic yet."

Meanwhile Aurora Halal is a video and music producer living in Brooklyn, who magically merges VHS aesthetics, New Age meditation tapes and found footage into her music videos and VJ performances. The result have a sensual, psychedelic collage aesthetic and will probably be like nothing you've seen before between the walls of Vent. She also curates a series of underground dance parties called 'Mutual Dreaming,' which are focused on analog electronic live acts, vinyl DJs and immersive visual installations.

Finally Ahmed Samy will rise from his bat-cave under the stage to once again take his throne as Vent's resident DJ and lord of Dark Minimal beats to woo you into the night whilst you savor the last drops of alternative before the end of July.

Party starts 10PM.