Friday December 8th, 2023
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Watch US Rapper Russ Talk to CNN About His Whirlwind Gig on Egypt’s North Coast

Ta7ya Masr.

Staff Writer

In a season that has seen a certain Jenny from the Block perform a spectacular gig in Sahel, another lesser-known but no-less impressive gig took place in the same venue at New Alamein City.

US rapper, Russ, touched down for a little soiree in Egypt earlier in the summer, drawing thousands of hip-hop fans to the North Coast for one of the more fun gigs Egypt has witnessed in some time. Keen to see more of Egypt while he was here, the New Jersey native documented his time in places like the Pyramids and Khan El Khalili in a video that went viral.

In an exclusive sit-down with CNN that happened in New Alamein City, however, the 26 year-old revealed much more, praising the 9,000 strong crowd that welcomed him and the general warmth he felt throughout his trip.

The interview came as part of special collaboration between Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and CNN that was established this year to help promote tourism. With the tag line 'Egypt's Story is Contemporary', the collaborative campaign takes on a refreshing angle, showcasing all the contemporary success stories currently happening in Egypt, which perhaps don't get as much international recognition as they should.