Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Would You Rather Spend Christmas With Amr Diab or The Great Gatsby?

This year, you can spend it with both. Under a Magic Mistletoe. With Ramy Djunkie and Maya Maghraby and Amie Sultan.

Staff Writer

On the one hand, Christmas is a time of miracles, giving and receiving, and all that wonderful stuff. On the other hand, it's also a time of dance, alcohol, and wicked parties that end with Santa explaining to Mrs. Claus where he's been all night. He'd probably be partying with us at the most lit party happening this Christmas: Magic Mistletoe #2. Last year we danced the night away, drinks in hand and laughs aplenty. This year, the same party is back – coming to life through the geniuses in Checkmate Events – on December 25th, and this time Amr Diab's live performance is definitely stealing the show.The man is like the good wine of Egyptian music; the older he gets, the better and more valuable we find him – and he's definitely going to take the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski by storm. Of course that means we'll be taking over the dance floor as he sings all the hits that make us whirl through memory lane and throw fist bumps.

The combination of Christmas and alcohol cannot go together without producing a totally unrealistic drunken New Year's resolution; with Maya Maghraby and Amie Sultan belly dancing the night away, we foresee ourselves promising a total stranger-cum-new-best-friend that, this year, we'll finally take up dancing and move like a snake. All of this while Ramy DJunkie's grooves and our slightly awkward dance moves translate into the hilarious Instastories for the night.The cherry on the cake? There'll be an international Gatsby Show of beautiful women adorned in beads, sequins, and feathers. We're expecting you to do the same – unleash your inner flapper with sexy dresses and all the obnoxiously dangly bling you can find, or your inner Leo charm (and outer, if available). The only way we'll make an exception is if you come dressed unquestionably chic in black tie attire.For more details and information, visit their Facebook event page. Reservations are made and tickets are exclusively sold through the brilliant PR team behind the party of the year – Omar Tantawy, Yara El Tambshawy, Ranin Youssef, Karim Mitry, Ahmed Cap, and Didi Farid; who you can call at 01159775662 | 01159775663 | 01159775664 | 01159775665.

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