Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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Egyptian Entrepreneurs In Canada Create An App to Find The Best Meal In Town

Never worry about ordering the one terrible dish from an otherwise highly rated restaurant again!

Staff Writer

Egyptian Entrepreneurs In Canada Create An App to Find The Best Meal In Town

We've gotten to a point of no return when it comes to our technology dependency; we rely on it for everything – even for finding food. We just punch in our order and we're good to go. Eatery trackers, ordering apps, and Tripadvisor-like restaurant ratings have all became a daily part of our eating experience. But did anyone ever think rating meals individually? They're their own person, too! At least that's what two Egyptian entrepreneurs thought.

Peter Francis and Mina Michail, two Egyptian developers who decided to make our love for food more specific, have just developed HelpMeOrder, an app that lets you rate plates across different eateries. According to CBC News, it all started with their vacation (where all great things start), when they had a sausage from the morning buffet at the hotel and realized it's probably the best sausage to get around that area. "How do we tell people we just had the best sausage?" they thought. Following their sausage fueled inspiration, the pair began conceptualizing an app that would do just that. 

Co-founder Francis explains that "by default, the app gives you the top rated dishes in your area. And if you want to view a specific restaurant, the menu items will be ranked based on other users' votes." Sometimes, when we're feeling adventurous, we feel obligated to try new food, and that's the whole point, Francis says. "We want to highlight the hidden gems within each restaurant to improve people's experiences. When we talk to users, they always tell us that they're usually looking to try something different, but they're afraid it won't be good – so they settle for safe options." HelpMeOrder is here to help people take that step towards trying new dishes, without having to worry if what they're paying for is any good or not. The app even helps you find where the best deals are.

On the other hand, if you're a creature of habit and the idea of being in a new place without that one thing you eat, you don't have to wander around like a lost child looking for a chicken finger. Change your location to anywhere in the world when you leave home and, if there are enough HelpMeOrder users to help you out, you won't starve to death. "Any restaurant that you see on Google maps, for example, will show up in our app," says Francis, as he adds that the app is still the process of expanding its locations.

Since the entrepreneurs unleashed this masterstroke two weeks ago, they've taken over several of the major cities in Canada. Have you seen how big Canada is? It's only a matter of time before they take over the rest of the world. And hey, wouldn't it be nice if it came to Egypt soon? We're definitely excited for the app to 'help us order' the best koshari, shawerma, kebda, omm 3ali, feteer, and kofta... in one day.

Learn more about their app and where you can download it on their Facebook @helpmeorderapp.

Images are courtesy of CBC News.