Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Fiat Unveils 500X in Sharm El Sheikh

With Sharm El Sheikh in dire need of visitors, Fiat decides to fill a plane with media reps and head to the beach city to unveil the highly anticipated 500X, the latest edition in their iconic 500 series family. Find out why 500X is destined to sit at the head of the table.

Staff Writer

Fiat Unveils 500X in Sharm El Sheikh

Fiat and Egypt have had a long relationship that dates back to Egypt's revolution of 1952. In its wake, an explosion of affordable cars emerged on the Egyptian market, none arguably more prevalent than Fiat. Whenever Egypt has looked to overcome adversities they have always been able to rely on Fiat, believing that Egypt can recover from anything and helping along the way to continue proving that the nation is a profitable and resilient market into which to introduce their cars. These days the world is being told that Sharm El Sheikh and the Sinai region are unsafe; once again believing in the country, Fiat decided to do their part in showing that these statements are over-exagerated by choosing to introduce the latest addition to their 500 series, unveiling the eye-catching, heart-pounding 500X in the nearly abandoned but always beautiful Sharm El Sheikh.

Fiat's beginnings in Egypt are rooted in Gamal Abdel Nasser's goal of establishing a state-owned automobile company, founding Nasr in 1960. Looking to provide Egyptians with an affordable and practical car for the city, Nasr began knocking off Fiat-based models, including the iconically Egyptian Fiat 128. Since that time lots has changed both in Fiat offices and Egypt. In the wake of revolutions and the destruction of tourism, Fiat decided to do their part, filling a plane with media representatives and taking us to Sharm for the unveiling of their arguably sexiest car to date: the Fiat 500X. Arriving to the Savoy in Sharm El Sheikh, we were taken back by how empty Sharm had become in light of the Russian plane downing. We instantly felt mixed emotions, as it was heartbreaking to walk in a decimated Sharm, especially during its high season, but at the same time were anxiously excited for Fiat 500x unveiling. We were told that #ThePowerOfX would totally take the 2008 European car to the next level; however, when we arrived to the Savoy, we were re-introduced to the 500 family with the 500X suspiciously missing. Teasing the media in attendance, Fiat announced that we would have to wait until the morning to catch a glimpse of their latest engineering marvel, and encouraged us to get familiar with the family to better understand the excitement behind their #500X.As far as flagship cars go in defining a brand, the 500 series has easily become Fiat's gem on the automotive market. The 500 has a wide variety of versions starting from the standard 500 to the 500C open-top, the 500L, and now, cream of the crop, the 500X. Getting our first glimpse the following morning, the 500X instantly demanded our respect from its sleek Italian-designed interior and exterior to the engine specs that surpass its siblings. Looking slightly more masculine, the 500X remains true to Fiat miniature status from the outside except slight larger, with the 500 measuring 3.55 metres in length, the 500L measuring at 4.1 metres, and the 500X coming in at 4.25 metres and almost doubling the cargo space.Although seemingly small from the outside, the Fiat is surprisingly spacious on the inside, and its sexy, sleek, colourful interior will come to the delight of just about any motorist. Adding more fun to the 500X design and giving the X more personality is the subtle hiding of the 500 insignia by the engineers in unique places like the side of the headlights, leaving drivers checking every nook and cranny in the carefully thought-out interior.At the unveiling, we were informed that the Fiat 500X that would be available in the Egyptian market is equipped with a 1.4L MultiAir Turbo Engine with 140 horsepower that's automatic with dual clutch 6-speed transmission - a difference that is easily felt when we traded the keys to the standard 500 for the #PowerOfX. Driving around Sharm El Sheikh, we found it difficult to hide our smiles as the 500X not only looks cool but, with adjustable driving modes, was more responsive and handled better than its other siblings. It seemed that everywhere we stopped, some casual bystander would approach us asking for details, and whether this driving marvel would be available to buy in Egypt. The short answer is yes, but with all the attention we received we had to wonder how long this auto art would be in stock. Driving the 500X was truly a treat, with whatever heads were left in Sharm El Sheikh collectively turning as we drove by. Although the 500X felt superior, we rather enjoyed the opportunity of driving the whole 500 family, with each vehicle providing a variety of tweaks, setting each one apart. As a practical car for Egypt, the 500 is a dream ride that parks where many cars can't and is small enough to maneuver in Egypt's traffic, yet powerful enough to break away from the pack. With a variety of options and models, the 500 tailors itself to the driver's desire, which is why it has already started flooding Egyptian streets. Needless to say Fiat has found a happy home for its 500 family to thrive in, and with the inclusion of its newest member - the 500X - Egyptians will have reason to be excited around the dinner table. Having already solidified its presence in Om El Donia's history, Fiat now aims to channel the #PowerOfX to shape Egypt's automotive future with a stylish versatile ride that demands and deserves attention.

For more information about the Fiat 500X or any of their other vehicles, visit their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @fiat_egypt.