Thursday June 1st, 2023
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The ITI Makerspace, Cairo's Most Accessible Innovation Hub

This government-run laboratory provides an array of quality equipment for all technophiles and fabrication junkies to enjoy. 3D printers and all.

Staff Writer

It's a good time to be a techie, even more so when if you're in Egypt thanks to the Information Technology Institute's Makerspace.

The ITI Makerspace, a government-run fabrication lab, is a veritable playground for all ages and academic backgrounds interested in using the lab's impressive collection of hardware to kick their creative side into high-gear and bring some cool concepts to life. The Makerspace offers a range of equipment, as well as free workshops, to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, stimulating the mind and breeding some top-tier innovation all while having fun.

This isn't one of those places that's out of reach for most of us, with a variety of membership options for anyone interested in reserving equipment for personal (and not so personal) projects and at a modest rate, and with options from single day use to an annual membership, you're sure to find a deal that works for you.

With a handy selection of some of the slickest fabrication and machining equipment around, makers of any age can indulge their inner creator as they make use of 3D printers and scanners, lathes, as well as a variety of cutting equipment to make all your 3D printed bits and baubles come to life, and you can even print your own special parts to make robots (death lasers not included).

For those more fixated on the electronic side of things, the ITI Makerspace offers an assortment of equipment from Arduino boards to a variety of oscilloscopes to make the coding and programming process smooth and enjoyable.

With easily accessible and in-depth programmes suitable for all ages, a driven and insightful crew eager to offer assistance and an environment build around nurturing the minds of thinkers, designers and achievers, the ITI Makerspace is guaranteed to prepare some of the best innovators for the future.

Head on over here for more information about the Makerspace, its various courses and information about booking the machines.