Saturday July 20th, 2024
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7 Life Saving Egyptian Apps Every Egyptian Actually Needs

You know those apps that you download, use once and they just end up cluttering your phone? These ain't it.

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7  Life Saving Egyptian Apps Every Egyptian Actually Needs

A ton of new useful apps are released every year, but it can be hard to keep track of all of them and we don’t always use them to our advantage when the time actually comes. We thought it useful to group them all up in the hope that it would benefit both people as well as these apps that deserve the recognition. Oh, the wonders of technology. How the hell did we live before these apps existed?!


This digital healthcare startup were wrapped up in a whole lot of buzz after securing a $5 million investment last year. The app allows you to easily and seamlessly book physician visits, clinics and hospital bookings all across the MENA region. It’s kind-of like Yelp but for doctors – there are over 200,000 verified reviews, and it's easy to search, compare, and book the best doctors all over Egypt in a jiffy.

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SWVL is the Uber for buses. The app connects users to top-notch buses that run on fixed routes in Cairo, linking the most in-demand destinations. And most importantly, they have air conditioning and plenty of leg room. Finally, you don’t need to sit in a microbus driven by a madman.

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Having hit the headlines after winning Seedstar's World Competition in Geneva, 7keema is a fantastic app that aims to dispel the taboo around mental health in Egypt. It allows you to connect with experts in mental health, who can offer you professional assistance. You can also communicate with other people that are in the same boat as you with live support groups, and the app also aims to promote other aspects related to wellness like homeopathy, acupuncture, energy healing, yoga, nutrition, and meditation.

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You know how you always see Facebook posts of someone asking if somebody else is coming from another country, so they can bring them something back? Well, Hitchhiker has caught onto this particular phenomenon and decided that there was a better solution. This app revolutionises the concept of international delivery once and for all; it’s a social networking platform that connects shippers who want to use an alternative to Aramex, DHL, or Fedex, and who connect with travelers who have empty space In their luggage. The best part? You get paid to deliver the package. Just don’t ask them to bring back mom’s molokhiya, cause that might be a little awkward.  

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Glovo’s M.O. is pretty simple – they’ll deliver anything you want in an hour or so.  Imagine you work in Downtown and you want your favorite fried chicken and a bottle of sin juice from Masoud, along with a blue charger cable. You’re bound to your office chair and neither Kokio nor Masoud are going to deliver to Downtown, and they definitely aren’t going to volunteer and get your blue cable. That’s where Glovo comes in handy – just get on the app, tell them what you want and sit back and wait for it to come right to your hands. And it eliminates the process of speaking to someone on the phone, too. Brilliant.

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Sometimes, you want to get to work on time, and Uber can be expensive, especially if you take it every day. Remember the days you used to just hang out  at the bus spot and wait till it comes, not even having an idea of how long you needed to wait? And then getting a telling off from your boss for being late, AGAIN? Thankfully, those days are in the past. Flare is your everyday bus app that tells you your exact path – from where you are to where you’re trying to go in a user-friendly manner. It also tells you how long it’s gonna take. The app is still in BETA mode, and is already really useful, so we can’t wait for the full version.

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 Cairo Metro

Thought we might be a little late, we now have the first smartphone app for the subway metro lines. You can get useful information about the nearest metro stations, for example, how to get there, maps for the metro stations, and other useful information. Oh, and don’t worry about your 4g data running out - the app works without internet.

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Main image from Financial Times