Thursday April 18th, 2024
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VIDEO: Samsung to Release Limited Edition Ironman Galaxy S6

The electronics giant has leaked a couple photos of the design of the collector's edition phone.

Staff Writer

VIDEO: Samsung to Release Limited Edition Ironman Galaxy S6

Ever since the new Samsung Galaxy S6 was released, you can say it’s left a footprint in today’s technological world. With several new features, prolonged battery life, a much better camera and more, it’s safe to say Samsung has outdone themselves yet again. Photos of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Ironman Edition have been leaked and since then the giant electronics company has stated they will be releasing the product to the market in Hong Kong in approximately 2 weeks. With its limited supply you can already tell collectors will be all over this.

Sadly, this edition of the phone has no new/special features to look forward to. It just simply looks cooler. It has a beautifully done red/gold finish with Ironman logos on the device and even comes with it’s own wireless charger that looks like the power source in Ironman’s chest. We don't know about you but our inner geeks are jumping with joy.

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