Monday July 22nd, 2024
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7 Spas for Men in Cairo, Because Guys Need Pampering Too

From Thai Massage to facials, here are places to get your pamper on, bro.

Staff Writer

7 Spas for Men in Cairo, Because Guys Need Pampering Too

Other than hotels and resorts, spas that cater to men seem to be very rare here in Egypt, and they definitely need to be more of a thing. Just as much as women need a good massage or facial treatment, men need them too. And while many guys out there can get a little pampering at home at the end of a long day, week, or whenever to unwind, let’s be honest it's not the same as a proper, real deep-tissue massage.

Have you guys not seen that episode of Friends where Monica basically tortures Chandler by giving him the worst massage ever and he doesn’t tell her until he can’t take it anymore? Don’t be like Chandler and go treat yourself to a good massage. Here are seven spa services in Egypt that’ll cater to your manly needs, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and alive again.

Manuela Thai Spa

A luxurious Thai style day spa with two locations, Dokki and Heliopolis. They’re reachable on 01009001010 and 01067555552. 

Check them out on Facebook or their website.

Hammam Al Sultan

They offer spa services like massages and Turkish baths, with two different locations in Masaken Sheraton and Tagamoa Awal. You can reach them on 01144445706.

Check them out on Facebook or their website. 

Osana Family Wellness

Located in a villa in Maadi, they offer massages, reiki, yoga, pilates, and so much more. You can call them on 01017733770.

Check them out on Facebook or their website.  

Chill Out Team

Located across from Genena Mall, they offer very affordable massages. They’re reachable on 01098900523 or 0110716297.

Check them out on Facebook.

Dutch Care Center

You can give the physiotherapy and massage centre, located in Maadi, a call on 0117070048 to find out how to book a consultation.

Check them out on Facebook.

Hamam El Talat Spa

Located in Mohandeseen, they offer special deals on Moroccan baths and massages. You can call them on 01018176444 .

Check them out on Facebook.

Good Barbers

Although not a spa, we figured we’d mention Good Barbers for good measure because even though they’re a barber shop, they offer reviving facial services leaving you feeling smooth and fresh, like a brand new person. They’re located in Zamalek and you can reach them on 01210000533.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.