Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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AUC on Track to Compete in UK

The Mohamed Samir Ghanima (MSG) Racing Team has been accepted to compete in the massive Formula Student 2014 competition...

Staff Writer

AUC on Track to Compete in UK

AUCians have a lot to smile about these days, as their Mohamed Samir Ghanima (MSG) Racing Team, have had their single-seat race car accepted as an official entry into the Formula Student 2014 competition in the United Kingdom.

Based in London, the Institution for Mechanical Engineers annually calls out for students around the world to design and manufacture prototype race car. The institute distinguishes entries into two classes. Considered Class 1 are AUC, Ain Shams University and Helwan University, In Class 2, are the German University of Cairo and Cairo University. Being considered in Class 1 means that your application has been accepted, while Class 2 means your application is still under review.

Don't be fooled, though. Even though AUC is in Class 1 and received their acceptance three weeks ago, in order to compete in London, they will still have to pass a series of dynamic tests that gauge the cars ability, like being able to reach from 0-100 km around three seconds, as well as making sure that the prototype meets all check list requirements including having a kill switch. Until now, no team from Egypt has been successful at passing the dynamic tests, but the AUC team is highly optimistic, as their car is operational and only requires some fine tuning and a carbon fibre body.

The AUC team has been working on their race car since July 2013, and named it Mohamed Samir Ghanima after their fallen engineering colleague who was tragically shot during protests last summer. “Developing the prototype required two phases; Research and Implementation,” team member Amr Awny explains. The team of 12, led by co-founders Nabil Osama and Loay Enan, split off to cover different aspects for research then eventually came together to implement their findings. “I was responsible for the air intake system,” says Awny, adding “I couldn't imagine that we could build a car from scratch, but with passion and dedication that is where we find ourselves.”

As is stands the prototype weighs 340kg equipped with a 4-cylinder petrol motor. The acceleration on the car is 0 to 100km/hr in 5 seconds with a top speed of 180 km/hr. Impressive numbers that still require tweaking but shows an overwhelming amount of promise.

The competition will be held between July 9th and the 13th at the Silverstone Circuit near London. Here's hoping the AUC will be the first Egyptian team to pass the final stages, and even if they don't, they have still plenty to be proud of.