Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Fight & Fitness Factory Boot Camp Hits Le Lido

Promising a new you in just two months, Fight & Fitness Factory is hosting an intensive boot camp at Le Lido. Find out more here...

Staff Writer

Most people shriek when they hear the words "boot camp." Designed to turn boys into men, boot camp usually is a mix of torture, sore legs, yelling superiors and intimidation that feels like hell when young men venture to the military to become their physical best. Fight & Fitness Factory is now starting its own boot camp at Le Lido Clubhouse, equally designed to make you the fittest and strongest person you can be. The good news is: it will actually be fun!

The Fight & Fitness Outdoor Boot Camp is designed to make participants go to their limits in exercises including lifting, jumping, running, sprinting, punching, kicking and screaming. Taking its inspiration from soldiers in training, the eight-week fitness programme turns men and women from all fitness backgrounds into stronger, more flexible, healthier human beings who will transform their bodies to live to 100 years old. Full body assessments and tailored exercise and nutrition advice are the key to getting the most of those two months.

Five days a week, the programme will challenge participants twice a day to sweat off their stress, excessive body weight and clogged arteries to become fitness experts that could fight in combat. A mix of weight, cardio and stretching will turn mush into muscles and will ultimately make you look and feel better than ever. For LE1,150 you could become as fit as a soldier and impress all your friends with some serious guns before beach weather comes around. Wouldn't it be nice to have a six pack to show off at the beach this year?

If you are up for the challenge, contact Le Lido Clubhouse today and sign up to a new, healthier, fitter and more attractive life. The Fight & Fitness Boot Camp starts on February 1, 2015.