Friday December 8th, 2023
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Happy Hours Are Getting Redefined at Nineteen Twenty Five This Tuesday

The hip, chic venue just announced the hottest happy hour this city has ever seen.

Staff Writer

Doesn't it sometimes feel like the only thing keeping us going through our hectic and overwhelming work-weeks is those delicious dinners and fresh cocktails we treat ourselves to every now and then? The only thing that keeps us from doing that as much as we'd like to is that we overwork ourselves from 9 to 6 just to make ends meet, let alone afford all the mid-week delights we crave so intensely.

Our dilemma, however, seems to be coming to an abrupt and very welcome end this Tuesday with the launch of Nineteen Twenty Five's Happy Hour, set to redefine the city's midweek wining and dining once and for all. Because not only will you be relieving your midweek stress with your besties at one of the city's most stylish and luxurious venue, you will also be getting it all at an insanely reduced cost; each drink you order will come with two free ones, that's right, TWO. Also, any three dishes from the oh-so-delish tapas menu will only cost you 280 EGP, happy yet? 

We don't know about you, but going forward, we're going to be doing some pre-Ramadan fasting on Tuesdays. Because we wouldn't want to walk into this very happy hour with a full stomach. After all, that fresh sangria, beef Teppanyaki, and scrumptious calamari isn't going to devour itself.

For reservations and more details get in touch with Nineteen Twenty Five on Instagram.

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