Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Mince #DinerDates

Our favourite gourmet burger joint Mince is celebrating its official opening in Heliopolis this Saturday in uber-generous style, giving away free dishes to every person who reposts their photos on Instagram!

Staff Writer

Anyone for free burgers? Yeah, we thought so. Mince is making burger dreams around the city come true with their latest stunt to celebrate the official launch of their Heliopolis branch on this Saturday, September 13. The generous diner is in one serious celebratory mood, and are giving away some of their delish dishes!

All through this week, they're going to be posting a daily photo on their Instagram featuring different menu combinations. All you have to do, besides your best not to drool on your phone screen, is repost the photo, hashtagging #DinerDates and tag @minceburgerseg.

And though the burger joint has become renowned for just that, its menu has recently expanded exponentially to include, like, a million and four other mouthwatering dishes. We're talking the full diner experience – French toast and frittatas, chicken wings and chili bowls. They even have pink lemonade. Pink lemonade! We have yet to find a single other spot in Cairo that serves this elusive and epically tasty drink. Also, we've tasted their French toast, and we can tell you it's borderline orgasmic.

So each day this week, until Friday, they'll be posting a different assortment of dishes and all you need to do is repost to get your free order! Every single human who does this gets the food in the photo they reposted for free on Saturday! And you can bring a friend with you to share the yumminess. Umm, can you say thank you food gods?

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @minceburgerseg.