Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Muslim Dating Scam

A British Muslim couple are sentenced to prison as it emerges they have been conning would-be suitors, promising marriage in return for money...

Staff Writer

Internet dating is for losers but some unlucky saps lost a lot more than just his dignity and self-respect when they decided to find love on the web. Heartless Sidra Fatima and her hubby Raja Haider Ali set up a honey trap scam on Muslim dating site,

Fatima would seek out the desperate and lonely on the site, set up a date, quickly propose marriage and demand funding for the wedding before scarpering with the cash.

Prosecutor John Harrison Friday told Bradford Crown Court in the UK that “the various suitors were not told that Fatima and Ali were married. Following the initial meeting, Fatima would agree to marriage.”nThe lawyer claims that Fatima would then insist that the complainant hand over money to pay for the wedding and wedding related items.

He said: “After purchases had been made and money handed over, Fatima would terminate the relationship, either by telling the complainant that she no longer wished to pursue the relationship of by simply not returning his phone calls.”

Pretty harsh huh? Worse still, it worked. Fatima and her hubby managed to pocket £35,000 from seven different men. The victim impact statements range from tragic to down-right depressing.

One statement said: “[The victim] is still traumatised and embarrassed and has lost the faith and confidence in himself.”

Meanwhile another claimed: “She convinced him that she was a good person. He was convinced she was telling the truth and spent all his savings on her.”

Judge Colin Burn sentenced Fatima to a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and Ali to two-and-a-half years in jail.

Moral of the story? Switch off the computer, get some social skills and leave the house once in a while.