Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Nike Women Are #BetterForIt

Nike are encouraging Egyptian women to unleash their inner goddesses and reach their physical and mental best and be #BetterForIt.

Staff Writer

Nike Women Are #BetterForIt

We’ve never personally met the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, but we can just imagine what she is like: a super fit babe who runs marathons, deadlifts 200 pounds and beats her opponent. It comes as little of a surprise that she was the inspiration for Nike when they were looking for a name to capture the empowering and victorious character of their sports apparel. This spring, they are reaching out to women across the globe to ignite their revived goddess and stand together as strong and fit women who accept every challenge and show determination to reach their physical goals. Have you chosen a challenge to conquer? With #BetterForIt, Nike encourages YOU to unleash your physical beast and share it with the world. And we want to see Egyptian women inspire the whole globe…

Ever felt like the other women at yoga were more flexible or your friends can run faster than you? All these scenarios empower women to perform harder, faster and better. Nike shares the inner thoughts of women at the gym, on the court or around the track in a number of videos in order to inspire them to take part in their new campaign. With #BetterForIt, women are called to document their progress and encourage other women that they too can conquer any challenge that seems impossible. Women can do anything and be #BetterForIt at the end of the day. The campaign is more than just a moment: it captures the stories of women who set out to achieve their goals and shed light on the amazing achievements in sports by women every day.

Nike endeavors to be your link to women collectively trying to achieve their fitness needs. Through #BetterForIt, the average Egyptian fitness enthusiast connects with fitness professionals such as world champion sprinter and four-time gold medalist Allyson Felix who will share her insights into being your physical best. To inspire other athletes, however, you don’t have to be a gold medalist: simply share YOUR experience, YOUR advice and let YOUR encouragement touch other people. Egypt’s women get to show a global audience their inner goddess of victory. Set your goals today, download and train with Nike+ Training Club app and be #BetterForIt…