Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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#SceneKheir: 8 Trustworthy Orphanages to Support This Ramadan

It is so difficult to find credible charities and it doesn't matter how much you donate as long as your money doesn't reach those who need it the most. In the second of our #SceneKheir series, here are eight trustworthy orphanages to donate or volunteer this Ramadan.

Staff Writer

#SceneKheir: 8 Trustworthy Orphanages to Support This Ramadan

“Once you become an orphan, you're an orphan till the day you die.” This is how Haruki Murakami describes being an orphan in his 2004 novel After Dark. The truth is that those of us who have experienced a mother’s warm embrace and a father’s playful discipline will never fully understand how lonely it is to be a parentless child. However, the emotional damage doesn’t have to be irreversible and this is where the following orphanages come in, providing countless parentless children with loving homes and a semblance of family life.

The Littlest Lamb

A non-profit organisation with a refreshing approach to childcare, The Littlest Lamb provides children with more than just a roof over their heads. By nurturing their talents in a loving environment, The Littlest Lambs redefines the social service by broadening the spectrum to include more than just the bare minimum. This is due to The Littlest Lamb’s commitment to quality education and childcare rather than taking in more children than they can handle. This allows them to better equip and prepare children for a future in which their potential can be fully utilised by society. You can help them either by donating or volunteering. You can also sponsor a child.  

Address: Ahmed Orabi Agricultural Compound, El Obour City, Cairo. 
0127 722 2367

Amalna Orphanage

Like The Littlest Lamb, Amalna is dedicated to quality rather than quantity. The Nasr City orphanage has been around for quite some time now, housing a small number of young girls who were all adopted from state hospitals by founder Dina Ramadan. In a patriarchal society, the alternative to educating and empowering orphaned girls is their exploitation and subjugation and, with that in mind, Amalna serves an even bigger purpose. You can help the orphanage by donating food, clothes, and other essentials; you are also welcome to organise, chaperon, or finance a day trip with the girls.
Tel: 02-240-26429.


A Belgium-based organisation operating here in Egypt, FACE aims to create a sustainable support network for orphans and street children and their families. By renovating and refurbishing orphanages and training more and more people in the field, FACE ensures the continuity of organisations providing childcare services. In addition to contributing to the overall ecosystem, FACE has recently opened its own orphanage in Maadi, which houses infants and toddlers two years of age or younger. You can help by volunteering, fundraising, or donating to the organisation. According to FACE’s website, as little as 250 LE is enough to feed a child for a whole month.    


Home to more than 300 children, Awlady provides a valuable social service that not only consists of housing orphans, but also creates an atmosphere where they can thrive. Their approach aims to develop their talent and unleash their potential through tailor-made education programs that take into consideration each child’s unique abilities, interests, and aptitude “in a family atmosphere that allows for their physical, mental, and emotional growth and development, with an emphasis on education and vocational training to ensure that they become productive members of society.”   

Address: 29 Street 206, Wadi Degla, Maadi, Cairo.
Tel : 25212659 - 25212700

 01155527376 / 01117502255 / 01119177557

Bint Masr Association

Founded by Esmat El Merghany, Bint Masr is one of Egypt’s oldest and most reputable orphanages. The association provides an all-encompassing range of childcare and community services, from education to physical and psychological development, as well as healthcare services. Bint Masr is determined to give its dependents a chance at a decent life and a bright future by meeting more than just their basic needs. The association accepts donations.

Address: Mostafa El Maghrabi St, Heliopolis, Cairo.
Tel :
26206450 - 26205073 - 26203521

Dar El Orman

Established in 1993, Dar El Orman is one of the country’s biggest charities providing a wide array of social services from development projects to healthcare services. The association runs two orphanages, one in Mohandessin and another in Mansouria. The organisation boasts a track record of success for its grassroots activism and well-managed large scale operations that enables them to provide the children with the care and nurturing they require.   

Dar El Yosr Lel Aytam

A small orphanage in Tagamoa housing 10 kids, Dar El Yosr Lel Aytam’s operations are run by a number of volunteers in charge of tutoring the children who attend a nearby Azharian school. You can help out by either volunteering or donating.

Address: Fifth Settlement, El Hay 2, Manteqa 5, Me7war 77/55, Cairo.

Dar Manaber El Nour

With 20 girls under their custody, Dar Manaber El Nour goes above and beyond the call of duty providing the children with more than just the basics. The orphanage provides its personnel with the necessary training needed to deal with the children interpersonally. The same service is also extended to the girls who receive regular psychiatric evaluation and more – physical education and recreational activities are also part of the organisation’s program. You can either donate or volunteer.       

Address: 10 Abu El Razy Street in front of the faculty of engineering, Sheikh Zayid, 6th of October City, Cairo.
Mobile: 38519627 - 38519628

This article is part of the #SceneKheir series, aiming to highlight different charity initiatives throughout the month of Ramadan.