Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Sherlock Holmes Pub

Tucked away on the ground floor of the iconic Ramses Hilton is the Sherlock Holmes Pub, serving up great grub, draught beers and an authentic British atmosphere.

Staff Writer

When Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sat down and penned his story about a fictional consulting detective with borderline super natural abilities of intuition and observation, we don’t imagine that he ever thought one day he’d have an English pub in Ramses Hilton, Cairo, named after his novel.

Alas ‘tis very much the case and Sherlock Holmes, situated just past the lobby of the hotel, is not your typical bar in Egypt. It’s designed around the idea of an authentic British pub with booths on both side that fit up to six people and low tables and chairs scattered around. Stained glass windows which have the silhouette of Sherlock Holmes decorate the cosy venue, there’s a library of encyclopedias on one wall, which also has detective paraphernalia and the bar looks like something straight out of, well, a Sherlock Holmes movie. You can feel that warm Sunday-lunch-with-a-pint classic British pub feel as soon as you walk in which is what makes the place so interesting. It’s encompasses that image ingrained in our minds of what a pub is, whether you’re an expat missing home or an Egyptian who likes to put on a Cockney accent for fun and say "anova pint, cheers mate!"

Where the pub actually supersedes its ancestral counterparts is that they air all the big football match live on one of their large LCD screens which is more than you can say for actual pubs in England who don’t have the rights. As for the food, we tried the beef and chicken satays and fish fingers which were all faultless, accompanied by draught beers from the bar. The bar staff is extremely experienced and can whip up your favourite cocktail or shot in minutes, too. There is also an extensive food and drinks menu to tantalise anyone’s taste buds and rumour has it the ghost of Sherlock Holmes actually resides behind the bar, munching on fish croquettes, watching football and getting drunk but that doesn’t stop the impeccable service. The waiters are very professional and quick to please.

The place manages to avoid the usual kitsch-ness involved with a themed bar and we highly recommend you pop down for a pint soon. It’s elementary, my dear Watson.

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