Thursday June 13th, 2024
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SkateBox: Egypt's First Indoor Professional Skating Spot Set To Open This Month

ClubLiko is already the ultimate family edutainment destination, and it's about to get even more thrilling.

Staff Writer

SkateBox: Egypt's First Indoor Professional Skating Spot Set To Open This Month

Finding cool, new things our kids could do in Cairo can be near impossible. It's challenging enough to get them away from screens and into anything really fun. Like the good 'ol days. That's why when something that involves our little ones actually moving around in any form comes to Cairo, we naturally jump on it. Away with the iPads! 

We recently found out ClubLiko, a paradise for children and parents alike, has a brand spanking new Skatebox. Envisioned as a space for kids to learn and have fun at once, ClubLiko offers 1,500 square metres of indoor play space, as well as 1,000 square metres of outdoor space to let kids and their imaginations run free.

“The most important thing behind it is that each and every corner in ClubLiko has meaning. It promotes something special in a child’s mind,” a ClubLiko spokesperson told CairoScene.

Already a much needed addition to the children’s entertainment scene in Egypt, ClubLiko is enhancing their edutainment world with the launch of SkateBox, a 300 square metre skate park where children can rent skateboards or scooters and learn how to navigate the ramps in the colourful atmosphere, which will be the first indoor, professional kids’ skating spot in Egypt!

Skatebox is just a tiny piece of the family fun puzzle on offer at ClubLiko. The ultimate family destination, the kids club is treading previously uncharted waters in Egypt, offering a unique experience that families have only dreamed of finding. With a range of free play activities, as well as some guided ones, the company aims to unleash the creative spirit of kids through their space.

Activities are diverse and include an art room, a Lego room which includes walls and tables fit for the greatest Lego makers and a theatre, where the ClubLiko team prepares funny, educational skits every day, and also put on puppet shows and talent shows. Another really cool feature is their pretend village, which houses a supermarket, pizzeria, kitchen and more, where children can learn the ins and outs of being an adult.

“One of the most precious moments is seeing a mom or dad see their kids create something in the art room, for example, or to bake their own cookies in the kitchen,” ClubLiko told us.

To make the experience even more complete for families, the facility offers a cosy restaurant that offers fresh salads, pasta, pizza, and meats straight from the grill. Because mummies and daddies need a break too. 

“We’re still trying to bring back the idea that kids and their parents can have quality time together that they can enjoy in their own way, while still enjoying the same experience together.”

SkateBox is set to open its doors to skaters on Friday, October 27 and we're getting the kids ready already. With summer behind us now, this is going to make the perfect winter way to get the kids tired out!

ClubLiko is located in Sheikh Zayed City to the left of Karma 3's entrance. You can call them at +201028888335 and check out their website and their Facebook page to find out more about Skatebox.