Saturday May 18th, 2024
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The NS Crossing is Offering a NYE Trip of a Lifetime Across Egypt’s Western Desert

Imagine waking up to watch the sunrise over the Oases on January 1st, 2020 - muscles tickling and face bright with energy.

Staff Writer

The NS Crossing is Offering a NYE Trip of a Lifetime Across Egypt’s Western Desert

You'll go to a bar, right? Maybe to a house party? Why not go all the way and head to El Gouna? These are the usual thoughts when planning a (hopefully) memorable New Year's Eve. Here's a suggestion, though; how about spending the night (and several days either side of it) seeing the lesser-beaten-paths of the country?

The NS Crossing is a 1,000 km cross-country cycling expedition for novices that takes place over the span of 12 days. The trips take you all over the country, and its upcoming New Year’s Eve trips are the dream for every adventure traveler out there.

Offering a NYE 20 Desert Edition expedition across the Western Desert split into two trips, it gives voyagers who can’t complete the full 1000 km expedition the chance to join in on the adventure; one from December 27th to January 1st (Year’s End trip) from Cairo to Farafra Oasis, and one from January 1st to 7th (Year's Start trip) from Farafra to Kharga Oasis.

The trip will pass by the Black and White Deserts, Bahareya and Farafra Oases all the way south to Dakhla and Kharga Oases, ending there. Participants can either bring their own bikes after consulting with the company first or they can have them rent one for them.

“We are a company that strives to empower people by showing them that they are capable of a lot more than they think. We offer them the opportunity to see their country through a lens they’ve never peered through before,” founder and CEO Galal Zekri-Chatila tells CairoScene. Zekri-Chatila is one of the lead adventure cyclists in the country, and was the youngest Egyptian to solo-tour Egypt by bicycle - 7,000 km in 5 months by the age of 21.

The organisers utilise professional convoy security strategies, with assistance from the police when needed. With two cars and one motorcycle escorting the trip, and 10 accompanying first-aid trained crew members and satellite phones.

“We encourage voyagers of all ages and abilities to join us on this unforgettable expedition, we can’t stress enough that this trip is not about your physical fitness but more about your mental fortitude and will to rise to the occasion. We don’t care about where you are now, all you need to do is take the leap of faith and make the decision to join, we’ll take care of the rest,” Zekri-Chatila said.

“We have proudly led over 40 voyagers in 3 previous NS crossings, and all of them completed their goal; bringing up our collective mileage to about 45,000 km - farther than the circumference of the earth.”

They hope to grow into a full-fledged community of voyagers in Egypt, and are planning a trip from Cairo to Capetown, South Africa, as well as trips through Europe.

For more information, head to their official website.