Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Topshop Opening in Cairo

The British high street giants are opening their flagship store in Cairo Festival City this weekend.

Staff Writer

Remember way back when, when there were virtually no foreign brands in Egypt and every time you needed to buy a cute top you were screwed and sat miserably in front of your cupboard and ate ice cream? Well those days are no longer, clearly, but our high street fashion scene was still sorely lacking in the Topshop department. We've been having withdrawal symptoms without this brand of sheer awesomeness, craving our Topshop fashion fix, just really wanting to emulate the coolness that is Kate Moss. It was open in Cairo for all of nine minutes in Maadi City Center, y'know, before thugs desecrated that mall, and then it disappeared faster than we devoured the aforementioned tub of ice cream and it never returned.

But, in the best news we've heard all week, TOPSHOP IS REOPENING IN EGYPT! Yes, we believe that news warranted all caps. Deal with it. The super sartorially cool store will be opening its doors this Saturday at Cairo Festival City. BRING ON THE CROP TOPS! Okay it's basically winter. Whatever, BRING ON THE CROPPED SWEATERS THAT ARE SEASONALLY STUPID BUT LOOK AMAZING. And of course their latest campaign is fronted by Cara Delevingne. Because these days, what isn’t?  

Anyway, just thought we'd share the lovely news with the good people of Cairo. We just hope it doesn’t develop into a case of every single Egyptian girl out there owning the exact same outfits. And wearing them out at the same time...