Friday June 14th, 2024
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Welcome to the Raveyard

A British company can now turn a dead person's ashes into a vinyl record for some reason.

Staff Writer

Welcome to the Raveyard

Music, much like life, is all about the journey. There are euphoric moments of melodic ecstasy and dark moments of bass and space and when it's all over you put the record in its case and put it away. You can now do the same thing with your deceased loved ones thanks to And Vinyly.

The ingenious yet also incredibly fucked up new company in the UK will immortalise the dead by turning your ashes into a 12-inch vinyl record. On the record, you can put on almost anything you like from recordings of the deceased before they passed away to a Miley Cyrus loop, if you so wish.

We have no idea what kind of person would want their body turned into a vinyl record but maybe it's fitting for people who have ODed at a rave, or perhaps tacky old school DJs. If you are the latter, rest assured you don't have to submit your whole body for pressing, you can just turn your mixing hand into a vinyl too for the same price which is up to £500, excluding art work.

So, who said Vinyls were dead?