Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Yellow Design Studio: Innovative, Quality Furniture

Who said stylish furniture has to be expensive? One Egyptian duo are proving that you don't have to compromise between aesthetics and costs.

Staff Writer

Yellow Design Studio was established by two inspired Product Design graduates from the German University in Cairo who believe fine interior furniture should be in great taste and affordable to those who appreciate them. “Ever since graduating, design was our dream and to follow our passion starting up our design studio was the means to introduce our work and explore the market. After gaining some experience between local companies and factories we decided we were ready to tackle the world on our ownm” say the innovative brains behind Yellow Design Studio. “We aim to introduce an Egyptian product, designed and produced in Egypt. To enlighten society with our identity as well as our capabilities as Egyptians in the industry.”

Some say the better the quality, the higher the price, however this statement does not by any means apply to Yellow Design Studio who are quite cost-effective as a company, to ensure producing affordable furniture. “We believe a good designed piece should be available for everyone in their daily lives. Not something that is considered special or overpriced, in order for everyone to be able to enjoy their day to day lives with easy, fun to use functional products.” YDS are confident in employing optimal machinery and craftsmen while tackling production techniques that are useful in eliminating cost surprises. “We also avoid dealing with middlemen in production to avoid unnecessary costs.”

YDS create minimalistic yet ingenious designs of tables, chairs and shelves, including a special flat packed collection, No. Y6, with attractive and comfortable sturdy pieces focusing on highlighting the connecting junction between metal and wood. With some upcoming projects and pieces in the works that take on a different approach and identity, the hard working duo are guaranteed to impress!

“For our latest project, we participated in a brass/copper workshop in Algeria, sponsored by the Algerian Cultural Embassy, where representative designers from the Arab world have been invited. We've been exposed to different Arab worlds, cultures and amazingly great minds from Morocco, Algeria, Tunis and Iraq."

With so much effort and motivation behind their skill, the industry in Egypt is proven to lack in the matter of accepting new designers and designs, and rely often on imitating international brands. “They also lack in providing the technical support needed by designers, and seldom understand the importance of prototyping and the development stages of an interior product.”

Products by Yellow can be found at Dokan Boutique, Blend Furniture and C-Reality. The team aim to one day build up a design studio fully operated by Yellow.

Check out Yellow Design Studio's website here, and Facebook page here.