Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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9 Things Single Egyptians Are Sick Of Hearing

If you're single in the city then you can bet every 'tant' has a comment. Singles need a little support around here, so we rounded up a list of ridiculous things every single person in Egypt is tired of hearing...

Staff Writer

9 Things Single Egyptians Are Sick Of Hearing
There's no graceful way to make it through a giant Egyptian wedding the weekend after breaking off your two-year engagement. No matter how open the bar is or how quickly you get to know the barkeep (his name was Adam and he liked to invent his own cocktails and he has a cousin who lives in Japan), you eventually end up snarking at the tenth taunt to 3o2balek you or ask when she's going to dance at your wedding. Somehow, an entire culture of people has managed to conclude that single people desperately need to be reminded of their singleness and asked when it's going to end. God forbid that anybody should actually WANT to be single in this country, but, this is Egypt. In honour of yesterday's Singles Day - or, in Egypt, Why-Are-You-Still-Single Day - we've brainstormed and animated a list of ridiculous comments us singles hear on every occasion. So, bottoms up, all you singles out there - here's to you!