Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Finding Romance Window Shopping in Downtown Cairo

Ahead of Valentine's Day, Timmy Mowafi decides to take a stroll in Downtown Cairo, searching high and low for romantic gifts to help him express his feelings for one lucky lady...

Staff Writer

Finding Romance Window Shopping in Downtown Cairo

In previous years I may have spent weeks planning the perfect amorous adventure but this year, especially, I noticed my complete lack of awareness of the fact that Valentine's Day is coming up. I decided to try to rekindle the spark with a saunter around Downtown Cairo to put myself into the mindset of the typical Egyptian romantic, looking to pick up that special something for that special mozza. Here are some of the gems I found...

Sparkly Pink Speakers This is what I will be using to recreate John Cusacks's famous Say Anything balcony scene.

Security CameraSo I can watch you whilst you sleep.

80's Fitness ContraptionI promise to use Vibroaction religiously. Don't leave me for the man on the box.

Wael Jassar CDThis is what I'll be playing on the speakers. I hope our love is as timeless and diverse as Wael's first two poses.

Selfie JumperBecause I know how you love selfies, I got you a jumper which also has the word selfie on it which you can wear when you take your selfies. 

Awkwardly Coloured Valentine's BearThere's a surprise inside. Another security camera. You'll never leave me. I'll make sure of that.

Fluffy ShebshebI'm fluffy, but if you try to leave me...

Pink Sparkly BikiniYou're not allowed to wear this. The mannequin is for me. You have the man on the Vibrocation box.

Pots and PansYou know what to do.

Mein Kampf in ArabicYou can read it out loud to me. It will be romantic.

Sogo2 SandwichWhere I'll be taking you out for Valentine's dinner