Monday December 11th, 2023
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The Egyptian Girl's Guide to Freshman Year at University

7 survival tips every Egyptian university newbie needs to know well.

Staff Writer

For many of us taking their first steps into higher education this year, the first few weeks can prove to be as overwhelming as they are exciting, to say the least. It's a whole new transition as you go from being locked up in a classroom against your will for hours on end, to actually getting to freely make decisions for yourself and bare the consequences (don't skip class though, that's soooo 2017).

It's a right of passage into adulthood and it's that time when you're at the threshold of life, not a girl but not yet a woman, as put by the legend herself, Britney Spears. It's one of the best phases of your life and the memories stay with you for long after. We won't give you all the cliche advice of studying hard and focusing on getting amazing grades (although you really should).  Instead, we've rounded up a few tips to help you navigate smoothly through university and make the best out of the amazing years to come. So without further ado, here's every Egyptian girl's guide to university's freshman year. 

It's all about the Confidence, baby

We know it’s cliché, but this is solid advice in general. Yes, you might still be trying to find yourself but whoever you are as you're searching, own it. Confidence is really the most attractive trait in a person. Even Forbes magazine lists confidence as one of the key traits in a leader so that says something. 

Splurge on a New Wardrobe

True, we’re always finding any excuse to go shopping but if there was ever a time to splurge, this is it. It's a time where you're transitioning into a new and exciting phase in your life. University is the chance you get to reinvent yourself (not that you're not already fabulous just the way you are). First impressions are important, and this is the time when you'll get to test out what you like, who you are and who you want to be, so might as well own it and get a new wardrobe while you're at it.

Make New Friends

It's tempting to just settle in with people you click with and spend the rest of your carefree college days chilling with that one gang, which is fine. But keep in mind, you're young, beautiful and full of spunk, so take advantage of that. Step out of your comfort zone, try new things and say yes to the experiences you haven't tried yet. You'll have plenty of time to settle into your comfort zone once you're an adult, trust us on this one. Have fun!

Do you, Boo

Wear whatever your feel like wearing, do your hair however you feel like doing it and wear as much or as little make up as you'd like to without paying attention to the haters. Remember how you always wanted to give blue hair a go but were too worried mama would probably kick you out of the house or curb your molokhia privileges? Well, you're a semi-responsible and independent person now, dye your hair whichever colour you like and make your own molokhia. Don't let anything or anyone bring you down if you're happy and satisfied with the way you look. 

Have your vanity pack ready

University is a busy time, what with meeting new friends, impromptu weekend trips, partying and all that jazz. So it will come in handy to prepare your vanity pack in advance. All you'll need is the essentials, moisturiser for a dry day, a mini brush for emergencies, nail polish (just because) and a shaver. Let's face it, shaving is the fastest and most efficient option to hair removal. And contrary to the bad rep its gotten from our moms, shaving does not actually make the hair grow back thicker, according to experts at Venus. Moreover, Venus have razors that are actually enhanced with rich body butters, a blend of avocado and olive butter to keep your skin smooth and on point for those extra humid days. They've even launched a recent campaign, #RevealWhatsReal to bust a few of the myths that have been associated with shaving, one of which is that shaving daily is bad for your skin.

The experts over at Venus explain that shaving exfoliates the top layer and removes dead skin to keep you soft. Venus Breeze, however, goes the extra mile in that it comes with flexible gel cartridges that exfoliates the skin. Besides, with all the exams, dates you'll be going on and partying you'll be doing, it's good to have a quick hair removal method. 

Take up Some Extracurricular Activities


University is all about mingling and getting to know people as well as yourself. One of the best ways to find people with common interests in university is through extracurricular activities. An added bonus is that you also get to explore different fields of possible future career paths, however on a smaller scale. which is a very good way to find out what truly interests you. Growing up, were you always criticized for being stubborn and argumentative? Well, in university it’s not called argumentative, it’s called debate, and it's not that frowned upon. If you've always wanted to write but aren't sure where to start, why not take part of the university newspaper to find out if journalism is your true calling? If you're more into sports, maybe take up swimming. The list is endless with activities to suit every taste. Don't miss out on that chance. 

Main image taken from AUC Egypt

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