Monday June 24th, 2024
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El Dor El Awal Moves Into Cairo Jazz Club on Saturday

Like a musical jigsaw puzzle revealing the beauty that is the fusion of Oriental and Jazz. the seven piece band El Dor El Awal is set to make the Cairo Jazz Club stage a home on Saturday.

Staff Writer

El Dor El Awal Moves Into Cairo Jazz Club on Saturday

Continuing to cater to all music lovers, Cairo Jazz Club returns with the extremely talented, smooth oriental jazz, stylings of El Dor El Awal this Saturday.

On November 21st, Cairo Jazz Club stage will be taken over by the seven fusion specialists known simply as El Dor El Awal, which translates to English as the First Floor. Promising to play their interesting and beautiful noise that would transcend first floor nonsense and reach any rooftop in Cairo, this seven-piece band will be the show to catch this weekend.

Made up of Ahmed Omar rocking the electric bass, Mohammad Samy tickling the strings of the violin, Bob Kajun keeping time on djembe/percussion, Fady Badr killing the keyboards, Miza Kong providing polyrhythmic accompaniment on the tabla/drums, Nour Ashour adding kick ass brass via saxophone, and Hisham Issam on the beloved oud, El-Dor El-Awal is a beautiful musical jigsaw puzzle that fits perfectly, making them both enjoyable to watch and hear. Each member knows their way around their instrument and, instead of being led by one musical maestro, this bands has seven, making each performance memorable.

Walking a fine line between Jazz and Oriental music, this group of musical troubadours have crafted their own style that stands out in an often crowded genre. With several performances under their belt and two successful albums, it is always a delight catching this unmistakable act. If you are a musician who wants to see where the Oriental Fusion bar is currently at, then this is the act to catch. Conversely, if you can’t get enough of that sweet sweet Oriental Jazz sound, then Saturday at the Cairo Jazz Club will be your best bet for a memorable musical fix.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @cairojazzclub.