Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Joe Mestekawy's Groovetique Vol.27

Joe Mestekawy just released a new percussive-based, vocal-heavy set on Soundcloud. Check out the new music here.

Staff Writer

Joe Mestekawy's Groovetique Vol.27

In his most recent installment Mestekawy’s latest endeavour on Soundcloud has shown up our newsfeed quite a few times, and after hearing it it’s easy to see why.

Of his most recent release he says, “It's quite different - this time I emphasised the track list with tunes that match the title Groovetique with genuine Tribal-shakhla3a Tech House beats.” The set is primarily House music, however, and with no surprise to us, it will get all the people at your afterhours dancing as it is very percussive based, and has the relentless easy-to-please groove, along with the never ending vocals track after track. It would have been nice to hear Joe utilise tracks from different genres to still maintain that shakhla3a swing he’s aiming for, and to make it sound a little bit more diverse.

While it may not be this writer’s personal cup of tea, it will go down easy amongst your friends; who in Egypt doesn’t like that Deep or Tech House bass line, with Tribal elements along with vocal after vocal. It seems like Joe knows whom he is targeting and in the relative spectrum of things he’s doing it well.