Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Musician Maskhara

We take a look at some artist names that translate into swear words in Arabic. Because, why not?

Staff Writer

Musician Maskhara

Choosing a band name is one of the most important aspects of your outfit’s image, but in the quest of finding the original name you’ve dreamed of being projected up on big stadium screens, a quick Google search of replicas isn’t always enough. Sometimes the name just won’t, ahem, translate. So because we are childish, here are some snigger-inducing artists who wouldn’t be received too well in Sawy Culture Wheel….

Pakistani Pop Group Zeb and Haniya were recently part of Coke Studio sessions. We wonder if Haniya ever takes coke straight from Zeb

Cous is a London-based acoustic guitar performer with a tight, pleasurable voice. The ladies love him, obviously.

Grammy-award winning American Hip Hop DJ U-Neek isn’t as special as he thinks he is. DJ and Neek the two most commonly used words in Egypt today.

A7a, you don’t know A-Ha?

Old school American Blues performer Danny Kalb didn’t get to choose his name, but maybe his mother should have thought about ibn el kalb