Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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Oum Brings Moroccan Magic to Cairo

Moroccan musician OUM will be enchanting Cairo with her presence as she’s set to perform at Azhar Park’s Genaina Theater on May 9th before a massive gig at Cairo Jazz Club on the 10th.

Staff Writer

Oum Brings Moroccan Magic to Cairo

One doesn’t know whether to start with her captivating beauty or her siren voice; mountainous and overwhelming. Most are tired of auto-tuned sounds that resemble nothing of live performances. On the other hand, with OUM, listening to her recordings doesn’t come anywhere near her live performances. She will be singing from her album Soul of Morocco at Azhar Park’s Genaina Theater on the May 9th and Cairo Jazz Club on May 10th and indeed her performances will encompass all that is Morocco; mystery, Arabian nights and African beats.

With traits of jazz in her sensual songs, it makes sense that spos will be filling up fast for both gigs. As Egypt makes use of having an artist that comes not just with voice but brings with her a story of Arabian nights.