Monday February 26th, 2024
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Pop Tart

The lively (we think he may be ADHD) Amro El Meligy comes along to talk about his magical multi-media endevours.

Staff Writer

You may or may not have already heard about Amro El Meligy. Either way, you’re about to hear a lot more from the electronic music vocalist who just released his second single Maba2etsh Zay El Awel and whose voice is about to fill movie theatres across the country as a voice artist for the Arabic-dubbed version of Disney/Pixar’s latest release, Brave. You also might find him running around the streets of Cairo with a giant NOLA cupcake. The new face of Dell’s new Ultrabook and singing social butterfly, Amro is on a mission to make waves across the country with his unique sound and cake-holding skills. He also seems to be friends with all of Cairo’s familiar faces. What are we talking about? Check out his new video below:

We caught up with Amro El Meligy to talk music, movies, and Pokemon. Obviously...

What got you into the electronic-House-music-vocalising scene?

We don’t have any electronic singers in Egypt and it’s the type of music I like so I decided to the first. We’re great at getting international vocalists in to the country to perform, but we don’t have that many local performers. That’s why I think my first single, Hanging in There did so well. It was played at most of Egypt’s best known clubs as well as in clubs in Dubai and London. It even made it all the way to Canada when a designer used it on their runway at Vancouver Fashion week 2012.

You say you’re the first Egyptian electronic singer. Would you have beef with another electronic singer in a kind of Tupac/Biggie situation?

Hahaha! Of course I wouldn’t. I’d keep coming up with something fresh and unique, so they wouldn’t even compare. But to be honest, I’ve already felt that some newcomers to the scene aren’t quite happy with me being around. I don’t care though.

Do you think your music translates for the mass Egyptian market?

I’ve tried to keep a balance to make sure it works. All my music is electronic and has a real House music vibe to it but my yet-to-be-named album has four English songs and four Arabic songs. It’s being produced by Sherif El Wessamy who also has a balanced outlook on things. The English songs are more for the people on the club circuit, while the Arabic songs are introducing the wider market to more electronic sounds that are produced well.

If you were a Pokemon, which one would it be?

Pikachu! He’s the only one I know! I guess he’s the only one most people know and he’s cute, so that’s good.

How did you manage to get on the cast of the Arabic-dub of Brave?

I auditioned for the voice-over part for Disney’s The Princess and the Frog but I was up against the guy who’s been doing Mickey Mouse’s voice in the Middle East for 9 years now, so naturally he got it. I then got called to do voice of the hero in Tangled but I was serving in the army at the time. Finally, the call for Brave came in and I just had to do it. I’m a huge Disney fan!

Who would your dream musical collaboration be with?

David Guetta. Or David Vendetta.

What about Nicole Saba?

Oh. I used to know her a while ago. I don’t want to talk about it.

Why do you always wear shorts?

Oh I don’t know. It just became a thing recently. Maybe it can be my trademark. Like Michael Jackson’s glove.

If David Guetta asked you to collaborate with him but you had to wear trousers, what would you do?

As long as my trousers won’t compromise the project, I’m in.

What if he asked you to collaborate with him but you had to cut off your legs and wear shorts on your stumps?

I’d tell him to kiss my ass.

You have to cut off your ass too.

Then I’d have to get a lot more vulgar with him. Let’s change the subject.

Have you checked out the Fawanees Ramadan kheima at the InterContinental Semiramis?(Sponsored question)

Yes, it’s absolutely amazing.

How do you cast your videos?

I tend to cast my friends because I want to share the excitement with them! It becomes a personal memory for all of us. This time round I used society sweethearts Yara Tambashawy, Laila Sedky and Dina Morgan. Then it becomes a shared memory for their friends too.

Amro with Dina Morgan

Do you prefer Dina Morgan’s hair curly or straight?

She’s super-sexy all the time! Her confidence is so attractive. She got a fringe and went brunette just yesterday and looks fantastic!

So we have to be super-sexy to be in your videos?

No. It’s mostly about the character and your personality. I’ve actually got a great idea for my next video for the single Breaking Me Down, but I can’t tell you yet.

What broke you down?


For more on Amro El Meligy check out his website, keep up-to-date with his Facebook fan page here and follow him @AmroElMeligy