Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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ToyBoys & Friends

We have a playdate with Cairo's cutest DJs, awwwwwwww.

Staff Writer

ToyBoys & Friends

If you've ever met the ToyBoys (Diya Nouman and Youssef Sami), you'd think that, given their long-standing bromance, they'd have no need for other friends. We imagine they call each other at least 17 times a day, have a secret handshake and break out their action figure collection every weekend for a bit of clean fun.

It turns out we're not far off. They're not called the ToyBoys for nothing and at their upcoming series of events, they'll be literally bringing their toys along. Giant Rubix cubes, rubber duckies, fancy dress and Lego - you name it, it'll be there. We were wrong, however, about them having friends. They do have friends, and they're invited to play too!

Each party, they'll be bringing in their local DJ buddies to join in the fun and games at the gorgeous Uptown Cairo clubhouse, meaning each time, you'll be treated to double the dancing. First up are Misty & Hafez who will be serving up  uplifting tech-house sounds for all you bad kids to get down to.

The first twisted toy party goes down this Thursday so put on your sauciest outfit and let out your inner child. If that child is prone to getting detention, being grounded or banished to the naught corner, all the better.

Find out more about the ToyBoys on their Facebook fanpage here and follow @DJToyBoys