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Ramses II Statue Reinstated in Luxor Temple

An Egyptian team of restorers have been working on the project since November.

Five months after the ambitious project to restore and re-erect the ancient Luxor Temple's Ramses II statue took off, a skillful team of Egyptian conservators finally restored the ancient statue, which was destroyed in an earthquake in the 4th century, to it's original state. It was re-erected at the Luxor Temple entrance in an official and public celebration on Tuesday attended by Minister of Antiquities Khaled Enany and Governor of Luxor Mohamed Badr, Youm7 reports.

With the completion of restoration work on the unique 65-tonne statue, Luxor Temple now has 4 of its original 6 statues erected in their original places. Here are pictures of the unveiling of the statue after restoration:


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