Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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11 Of The Most Popular Universities Abroad For Egyptians And How Much They Cost

How much would it cost to study there? To find housing there? To even just live there as a student? Haunting questions like this are best answered in infographic form.

Staff Writer

One of the most important stages of our lives begins as our senior high school year comes to an end. It's not always easy to choose or know what school is the most suitable for you. Here in Egypt, the options of international-like universities are very limited, so we tend to seek new options abroad. Over the past 10 years, the trend or habit of going to universities abroad has grown and earned much fame among both the students and the parents. As an ex-teacher, I almost always knew what universities my students would choose to go to. They never stopped begging for the recommendation letters; how could I ever forget? I did a lot of research and math to calculate all that matters in the process of choosing universities abroad, and of course many of these numbers are just an average just so I can make this a briefer list. You’re welcome for the infographic; I knew you guys would be too lazy to read it if it were a longer article.