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38th Cairo International Film Festival Is Almost Here

Get your gowns and suits ready, Cairo; it's going to be 10 days of cinematic bliss.

How do you know if a city’s soul is dead? You’d notice that cinema plays no integral role in the lives of those who live in it. But from the city that has added great glamour to the silver screen, one could scarcely say that this applies to Cairo.

November of this year will witness the 38th Cairo International Film Festival, this time hosted by President Magda Wassef alongside Youssef Sherif Rizkallah, an artistic director. The festival, which is set to take place between the 15th and the 24th of the month, will witness the second Faten Hamama Achievement Award for Excellence and Lifetime Achievement. Usually granted to influential Egyptian actors due to their contribution to international cinema and in acknowledgement and recognition of their effort and talents, this year it will be presented to Mohamed Khan. The actor, who graduated from the London International Film School and worked not only in performance arts but also in script writing, has directed about 25 movies.

Actor Ahmed Helmy will similarly be presented the Faten Hamama Excellence Award during the same festival. It is worth noting that the young superstar has been taking over the big screen, known mainly for his comedies and, more recently, his comedies with a strong undertone of social commentary. The actor has also founded a production company and was the UN World Food Programme Ambassador.

With Egypt being known as the Hollywood of the Middle East, we're confident that the festival will round up unimaginable talent and endless entertainment.