Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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4G Mobile Networks Officially Coming To Egypt

No longer will we have to suffer with slow mobile speeds!

Staff Writer
Rejoice! According to Ahram Online, Egypt’s cabinet has officially approved the launch of Egypt’s first 4G mobile network! 
The mandate for the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority says that they want to "increase government resources while improving the services provided to citizens."
We’ve been stuck with 3G for what seems like forever while everybody else has been blazing past us, adopting faster and faster 4G standards, even beginning a plan for 5G – all the while our YouTube videos buffer and our downloads fail. With 4G offering up to 10x the speed of what we've got now, we're about to squeeze our smartphones to death in excitement. 
No more! With this new technology, we’ll never have to wait for that stupid grey buffer bar again. That is, until the rest of the planet adopts 5G network standards and 4K video resolutions.