Tuesday October 3rd, 2023
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Uber Teams Up with Techne Summit for #Uber7antoor

Because Alexandria's iconic Corniche road is the perfect setting for a lucrative carriage ride where entrepreneurs get to pitch their ideas to some of Egypt's biggest investors.

Staff Writer

Alexandria’s Corniche is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening walk after your afternoon tea, a 7antoor (carriage) ride or simply to grab a 7alabessa (Egyptian drink made of chickpeas).

Uber will be redefining the very social foundations upon which the city’s leisure culture was built: 7antoor rides along the Corniche, turning them into a more lucrative and productive activity. The transportation giant is teaming up with Techne Summit for #Uber7antoor in Alexandria where young entrepreneurs can pitch their big ideas to some of the country’s most established investors while sharing a pimped out 7antoor trotting along Alexandria’s iconic coastal road!  

So if you have 10 minutes to spare on Sunday May 8th, 2016, a solid business idea and a can stomach the 7antoor ride, you are more than welcome to hop in and pitch your brains out! Find out more here.

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