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ARKAN's Cairo Connection Art Exhibition Explores Urban Bonds

ARKAN Plaza and art platform Gyptian have partnered up to show us what it means to find a human connection in Cairo.

Connection Cairo

In Cairo, one thing ties everything together. Woven between the cars congesting its streets and the frustrated footfalls hurriedly hopping on and off its crowded underground metros, you'll find conversation, camaraderie and compassion. A disgruntled businessman grumbling into their phone or a distracted millennial absorbed in their mobile screen can instantly turn into a timeless friend who'll happily help you push your broken-down vehicle to the nearest gas station. This is how ARKAN Plaza and art platform Gyptian see the people of Egypt. And this is the image they wish to share when they host the Connection Cairo art exhibition, which will run from November 22nd to November 30th.

Running until the end of the month, Connection Cairo is a showcase of homegrown artists and emerging talents who manoeuvre the intricacies of modern Cairo and the human connection found within through photography and installations. The exhibition will serve as a commentary on the Cairene culture, whether it's the way they communicate, commute or come together as a society.

The exhibition is hosted by ARKAN and managed by Inka. It is also organised by the art platform Gyptian, who - in their own words - have dropped the 'E' from 'Egyptian' as a statement on dropping the electronic mentality that has gripped our minds and held them down, disconnected in digital isolation.

To this end, they have cooperated with ARKAN, who share the belief that there should always be a space for artists to express themselves and for wanderers to explore cultural experiences.

With ARKAN serving as the premier cultural and social hub, Connection Cairo will be able to show us that the people of our city are ultimately down-to-earth, and that as long as we remain grounded, we can all be Gyptians.