Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Al Muizz Street to Host a Ramadan Parade Tomorrow

The events are intended to enliven the famous street and celebrate peace as a tenant of faith.

Staff Writer

As Ramadan approaches, Cairo spruces up with lanterns and fairy lights on every corner. It is officially the most luminous place on earth right now, probably blinding astronauts on the International Space Station as we speak.

Never ones to cut back on energy consumption, Cairenes are kicking off the celebrations this Ramadan with two wonderful events to take place on Al-Muizz street; a parade on May 25 and the first edition of the Cairo Forum on Historic Arts on May 31.

The parade will start from Al Fotouh gate to Sultan Calawoon, according to Masrawy. Directed by the artist Entissar Abd El Fattah, the parade will include Cairo’s historic arts and will feature Mamluk costumes and a performance by the international group Reselat Salaam in association with the Syrian Maraashly group. The parade will also feature dervishes, calligraphers, and Islamic scholars.

Topped with many exciting shows, the parade is geared at celebrating peace as an essential part of religion, including musical performances from Asian and Arab groups, and there will also be spiritual songs and chanting to convey a message of peace to the world pertaining to the core of religions. 

Preceding the forum will be exhibitions as well as artistic initiatives for children in the form of drawing with the title of Cairo in the Eyes of Our Children

The forum, supervised by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities and the National Council for the Protection and Development of Historic Cairo, is intended to help transform the main branch of Al Muizz street to a marketplace and an international gathering place for celebrating heritage and enlivening historic arts in Cairo.

Just don’t forget to bring a camera! Plenty of opportunities for selfie glory!