Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Aly Kassem & Asmaa Galal Spill the Tea on Their Hit Ramadan Series

We caught up with actors Aly Kassem and Asmaa Galal as they spilled the tea on their hit Ramadan series ‘El Harsha El Saba’a’.

Farah Desouky

 Aly Kassem & Asmaa Galal Spill the Tea on Their Hit Ramadan Series

Egyptian actors Asmaa Galal and Aly Assem have become the reason for our fear of commitment and, simultaneously, our down-bad behaviour with their popular (and ever so emotionally tumultuous) Ramadan mini-series, 'El Harsha El Saba' a'.

Inspiring strong feelings and opinions, Asmaa and Aly depict Salma and Sherif, a couple whose hurdle-ridden love affair have become an unavoidable subject at every Ramadan ezouma. Is Sherief too liberal? Is Salma ignoring his obvious values? What about the 16-year-old daughter?! Every episode would leave viewers perplexed by their own biases and perceived romantic preferences.

Directed by prolific director Karim El Shennawy and award-winning scriptwriter Mariam Naoum - who has once again collaborated with Amina Khalil, Kassem and Galal following their hit series ‘Khaly Balak Mn Zizi’ (2019) - the new social drama similarly and subtly brings social issues, and plenty of tears, to the forefront.

We caught up with Aly Kassem and Asmaa Galal, who took us behind the scenes of their respective roles, and shared their thoughts on the contended ‘seven-year itch’.