Friday 3 of February, 2023
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Cairo Jazz Club Launches Their New Website and Revolutionises the Reservation Process

Reserving your spot and knowing the programme of each given night at Cairo Jazz Club is now just one click away.

Staff Writer

To live in our buzzing metropolis as a live music aficionado and a party monster can be quite the challenge; not for lack of party spots and clubs in Cairo, if anything, our city can do without some. But, mostly, due to the lack of establishments that actually care about unearthing the myriad of local talents and placing them out there where everyone can see them and enjoy their unique musical creations. One of those few spots is Cairo Jazz Club, which has rightfully earned itself a reputation as the city's go-to spot to discover exceptional local and international talent, since its opening at the turn of the century, making it one of the oldest operating music hubs in the city.

The one big obstacle facing those looking to dance their nights away at Cairo Jazz Club, along with most other Egyptian venues, is the stiff reservation policy that requires a significant amount of time preparing and organising and prolonged phone conversations to get yourself through the door. Cairo Jazz Club is finally putting an end to that with the launch of their new website on Monday, revolutionising how Cairene party animals reserve their spots in the iconic club once and for all. The website will also feature all the deets for CJC's events, shows, upcoming artistic projects, and even the artists themselves, keeping you in the loop of what's what in the music scene and which nights you definitely don't want to miss. 

All we need to do, starting Monday July 10th, is log into CJC's website, sign up for an account, and, from then on, reserving and guaranteeing a spot on any given night will be as easy and pleasant as cracking open a cold one with the boys. CJC's official website comes fully equipped with updated CJC news, media, and all the contacts you might need to get in touch with the management for any sort of inquiry, whether you're an artist hoping to play on the iconic stage or a music junkie looking to get your fix on any given night. It's all in there! 

And because Cairo's most renowned club is used to doing things in style, Cairo Jazz Club announced that the first three to sign up on their website will be getting a unique CJC prize on which details remain hush-hush, but we don't need a college degree to guess what kind of gift Cairo's hottest club will be giving away.

Register for CJC's brand new website here, and let the hassle of making reservations be a distant (and painful) memory for good.

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