Monday May 20th, 2024
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Easter Guide 2017

Whether you're in Cairo, Gouna, Hurghada, Sokhna, Sharm, Alexandria, or stuffed away anywhere in between, this guide is filled with the coolest happenings for Easter in Egypt.

Staff Writer

Easter Guide 2017

In the northern hemisphere of planet Earth, April is the month of the sun. The weather starts to get warmer, the days get longer, and the drinks tend to need more ice. Cairenes specifically suffer a huge deal beyond their comprehension - an urge comes over us to drop everything, grab a dinghy and migrate to the nearest beach. The thing is you can't really call it a migration if you're there for only a few days before having to go back to your office block in the city - we believe this is the term vacation came into existence.

In the wild, migrations happen naturally and for a cause, you might find hungry antelope moving ground, looking for greener pastures, or thirsty hippos abandoning their diminishing aqueous abodes in an attempt to find a new water source. In the human world, we make these seasonal moves based primarily on primordial instinct - our survival surely does not depend on it, we have ACs, running water, and home delivery. It is solely our inner lovelies telling us, "It's getting too hot, you need a beach and a drink."

Alas, not all of us are so lucky to be able to satisfy and quench that longing and thirst for high time and adventure, some of us are unfortunately stuck inside this concrete mess we call the capital. Regardless of whether you are travelling or not, this guide will inform you on all the happenings taking place around the country, that we deemed worthy of your time. Whether you're in Cairo, Gouna, Hurghada, Sokhna, Sharm, Alexandria, or stuffed away anywhere in between, this guide is for you. We categorised events based on date and location, and tried to include something for everyone in the family - not just the drunken uncles.

April 13th


Easter Music Feast ft. Funk Off @ CJC 

Funk Off will be delivering funked up sets to unleash the party bunny within you, while Bluezophrenia's live tunes have you quitting headphones for good. Take a break from egg-hunting and bust a move.

Disco Diva ft. DJ Armen @ 1925

Disco Diva is a perfectly acceptable alter-ego name for whichever character you become on the dance floor. Supplying the music is Armenian/Egyptian DJ Armen V this weekend. Get ready for the hit party series! 

Easter Bazaar @ Point 90 Mall

Stop it with all of the food! Just stop! We know Easter is all about food, but just pause. Go and buy some shiny fashion things from the Jawaher Easter Bazaar at Point 90 Mall on the 13th and 14th of April. Go early, so you can pick up the best for grandma, who has been tirelessly baking for you all day. And then you can resume eating.  

The Beatles Tribute @ Cairo Opera House  

Move over Paul McCartney, Hany Mustafa might have just officially taken your place in the Egyptian scene. He'll be joined by the rest of the Glass Onion band to explore the world of The Beatles' Love Me Do to Strawberry Fields Forever and a lot more this Friday night. Tickets are for 75 LE.

El Gouna

Easter Sail-Kite-Dive @ Abu Tig Marina

It’s been cold in town for as long as we can remember. What does warmth even feel like anymore? We heard it's pretty springy in Hurghada, and so as it graces us with its blessing, we’re taking advantage and going all the way to the beach to splash about like puppies in the water, and we’re going to enjoy the warmth before it disappears again.

Abu Tig Marina will have us for an entire week starting Thursday the 13th of April until Thursday the 20th of April. And during this week, we’ll be sailing the wonders of the red sea, paired with a safari boat so we can dive and kite surf all week long.

Check out the full schedule on the Facebook event.

Contact Red Sea Sails to Register. 


Z Shark, Tommy & Loupa @ Clique

Easter mania is coming to Sokhna and hopping over to Clique Beach Club where Z Shark, DJ Tommy, and Phillipe Loupa will be handing over the musical chocolate bunnies in the private beach all throughout Easter weekend.

Sharm El Sheikh

Easter Nightlife @ Space Sharm

Take a good look at the artworks presented in front of you. Make your wise decisions accordingly, but don't forget to get a bit reckless!

Easter Package @ Westin

From the 13th until the 18th of April, Westin are offering all you Easter eager bunnies a getaway with bed and breakfast AND your room will look over their picturesque pools. They know you'd love to sleep in on Easter Day, so if you want to check out that day, you can do so as late as 6:00pm. Yay! 

April 14th 


WKND Ft. DJ Hany Ashry & Sahar @ Gu Bar

This particular weekend might not be seeing an end as DJ Hany Ashry and Sahar take you through the Easter shenanigans with a good beat and a handful of shakes.

Spring Salon @ El Sawy Culturewheel

Maybe you’re not really much of an Easter person, and maybe you don’t really want to spend it with family, or with people, or in Sahel. The Spring Saloon will be running at the same time and it will be packed with springtime artwork full of patterns visual work done by local artists. So you can due something a little more low-key, but still have the Easter spirit. Who needs the renga and feseekh anyway?

Running until 19th of April

Muricata's Wilderness Camp @ Wadi Degla

We’re sorry in advance, but this one is for the kiddies aged between seven and 11-years-old. Muricata is taking them out to Wadi Degla Protectorate for the Easter weekend for two nights from the 14th – 16th of April. They’ll learn to value nature and learn about its preservation. But they will also learn survival skills, camp crafts, hiking skills through a series of interactive and fun workshops, and all about the world of teamwork, responsibility, and independence. Now is your chance to trick them into thinking they’re going somewhere fun for the Easter! Muwahaha.

You can register here to receive the detailed agenda, price inclusions, exclusions, packing list & cancellation policy. 

El Gouna

Easter Pool Party @ Club 88

There's no way to say "pool party" without sounding at least a little bit excited! Omar and Adry will be spinning the music that perfectly goes along with fun in the sun and girls in bikinis with colourful cocktails. Oh man, does it feel like summer!

Watersport Adventure @ El Gouna

Easter in the water? Yes please. Sail La Vie and Nile Kayak Club have got a full adventure planned out in Gouna with kayaking, sailing, hiking, biking, and even horse riding. They will arrange all of the gear you need for the trip, and they can set you up with accommodation if you don’t have your own. The evenings are yours, and beach access is yours too. You will depart early on Friday, and arrive back in Cairo Monday night. You're actually going to get away from work! *breathing heavily* 

Check out the is the full program on the Facebook event. 

Marsa Allam

3al Ganoub Festival @ Marsa Allam 

3alganoub is about to whisk us away on an adventure of a life time, Egypt’s true beauty flourishes as you move south. Situating itself in Marsa Allam’s Tonodoba Bay, the festival is surrounded by breath taking scenery on all sides - bucket list material for all outdoorsy music lovers. The lineup will cover different genres including artists like DJ Sewwes, Disco Misr, and Masar Egbari.

April 15th 


Sorour & Code Masr @ Cairo Jazz Club

Bringing joyous music to CJC's Easter Music Feast, Sorour's worldwide-influenced Arabic folky sounds is set to intertwine with contemporary rock by Egyptian rockstars Code Masr this coming weekend. 

Open Jam Night @ The Tap Maadi

Breaking news: It seems that Cairo will be suffering from a power cut this Saturday night due to The Tap Maadi taking over the entire Electronic Jam of the city. The previous statement might not be true, but we guess you'll have to check it out yourself!

II-V-I Night @ Underground Cairo

Oldies and classics go together like a horse and carriage. Underground Cairo's stepping up their game as their Resident DJ spins jazzy melodies diving into both genres.

Farmer's Market @ Swiss Club

If you went hard yesterday, drinking until you could see the sunlight, we’ve got the perfect occasion for you to repent all of your sins. The Swiss Club will be running a farmer’s market hosting the best of Egypt’s local farmers and natural food businesses in order to support them and eventually become part of the much popular ‘eat fresh, buy local’ concept of living. Pay your dues; it’s Easter!

Heshek Beshek Ft. Rico @ Gu Bar

Mafish zayi banat west el balad! Nostalgia hits as Rico takes over Gu Bar this Saturday night, joined by singer Hassan El Kholay.

Rewrite History @ El Sawy Culture Wheel

Have you got a party planned for Saturday night this Easter weekend? Well, we would like to ensure you have the right amount of knowledge for when you get drunk and release your inner philosophical Plato.  Bassam Rodwan, one of the most prominent tourist guides and writers of Egyptian history, is going to fill you in on exactly how you can rewrite history. Yeah yeah, you’re so welcome - just don't run into Zahi Hawass and you'll be fine.

Sham El Nessim Weekend Package @ JW Marriott Hotel

Spend the weekend at the hotel because tomorrow and the day after they're offering you buffet lunch AND a hammam treatment AND a Balinese massage. We have been waiting for this our whole lives. 

El Gouna

Spring Festival @ El Gouna

Because there are a million and one things happening in El Gouna this Easter, you may as well squeeze in some... Are you ready? SHOPPING! From the 15th of April until the 17th of April, the Spring Festival in El Gouna will be filled with art, fashion goodies, and sporting competitions. El Gouna has brought summer early this year!

Barefoot @ The Club House

Going barefoot and letting the sand run through your toes is the only way "vacation" can be completed down to the dot. The Club House will let you do just that this Easter, along with a full-on party with Coco Mokhtar, Mazen Hamdy, Kidmims b2b Akladios, and Aly B!

Live On Stage @ Element Water Sports El Gouna

Events Hut’s Live On Stage is hands down the biggest DJ lineup in the country this Easter. Booked acts include Abou Samra, Aguizi and Fahim, Aly B, AK, Mano, Hazem Beltagui, Carlos, Jimmy, Black 8, Akladios, and many, many more. Happening over three days starting on the 15th through the 17th at the Element Water Sports beach in El Gouna where you will get to witness the phenomenal Red Sea sunrise and sunset.

Back2back Malak & Cheetos @ Club 88

Gouna's Club 88 are egg-sceeding your egg-spectations with an Easter weekend party that features Malak and Cheetos. Arm yourself with heavy layers of sunblock and the skimpiest outfits you can find!


Easter Ft. Soul Button @ Color Beach Club

Ever wondered why the weather keeps getting every day? It's called Spring, idiot! Hence, you'll be welcoming back summer with open arms this Easter alongside DJ Sebzz, Moose, and Soul Button's Steyoyoke.

Freestay Kids Concert @ Soma Bay

There is no escape from the east coast this Easter, you will be going to the Red Sea with your whole family because that’s where all of the good stuff is happening. International X Factor winners Freestay will be even entertaining the kids in a concert at Soma Bay, so when they’re teenagers they don’t have to nag you to go to their first concert… Because they’ve already been. See what we did there?


DJ Tony L & Badra @ Tabla Sokhna

El Tabla Sokhna fe3lan! The hottest spot in Ain Sokhna are keeping the party flames blazing with Tony Issac delivering another one of his hit signature sets this Easter weekend, along with Chilean/Latin belly dancer Badra.

Sharm El Sheikh

Strictly House ft. Misty & Ouzo @ Sanafir

No party poopers allowed! Strictly House will only let in the happiest of vibes as Easter awakens your hunger for chocolate bunnies and egg-hunting at Misty and Ouzo's big bash in Sharm El Sheikh.

April 16th


Gorge and Aly Goede, Karim Yousry b2b Zio @ Abstrakt

The guys from Abstrakt are going all out for the Easter edition of their weekly dance party. This will mark their first international headliner, veteran of the German scene, and a regular fixture in Mannheim's burgeoning year round club scene, Gorge will be sharing the decks with the half Egyptian half German Aly Goede, and local DJs Karim Yousry and Zio on closing duties for the night. 

Series Astronomer @ El Sawy Culture Wheel

Break up the Easter weekend by unleashing your inner nerd, and embracing your astronomical fetishes through this in-depth seminar on the emergence of the planet and Nasa's fleet. Plus, it won't be that late; you can squeeze in another party in this guide afterwards. You're welcome! 

Easter at Renaissance Hotel 

The Easter @ Vintage 

As you read this, let it be known that Vintage are shoving all of the possible festivities you can think of into their schedule so you can become immersed in the festive ambience of Easter. A bely dancer and a DJ will be a part of this too.

The Easter @ Sol Pool Bar  

You might be thinking what on earth to do with the kids when you just want to spend Easter to relax a little and enjoy yourself. Let them run wild all over the jumping castle, with the clown, the magician, the face painters, with popcorn, to the sweet candy station, and to the exciting egg hunt. You barely even see them as you chill out with drink in hand. 

Easter at JW Marriott Hotel 

Lunch Buffet @ Mirage Cafe

If you know Mirage Cafe, you know that you only get served up the most exquisite international foods in the buffet. The more you eat, the more likely you are to get into the Easter spirit!

Running from 16th to 17th of April.

Easter Spa @ Mandara Spa

Um, if we're going to be anywhere in the world, it's going to be JW Marriott's Mandara Spa. Two full hours of unreal relaxation starting out with a traditional hammam treatment and then finishing up with a Balinese massage. Oh please lovely lady from Bali giving us a massage, please make all of the ouchy ouchies go away!

Running from 16th to 17th of April.

Ramses Hilton

The Easter @ Ramses Hilton

From the 16th - 17th of April you can stay the night at Ramses Hilton with breakfast included and brunch by the pool terrace. Your room will look over the Nile and that's supposed to be relaxing and calming and all of that... 

Easter Brunch @ Breezes

Do you think we'll have a breezy Easter lunch if we go to Breezes? Was that lame? Sorry not sorry because we'll be getting an extensive buffet filled with our BBQ favourites by the pool terrace with live entertainment. The kiddies get in for half price and they also get all of the funs with their own little animation corner and a popcorn and candy station (that we'll be hijacking).

The Great Retreat @ Mena House Hotel

Who wouldn't want to spend Easter and Sham El Nessim right next to the great pyramids of Gia? Mena House Hotel are offering a deluxe room with access to their Sham El Nessim breakfast the next day. If you have a family and want, ahem, some quality time with your partner, then you can ask them for an extra room for the kiddies. Children aged up to six years get to eat for free during their stay, and those from six to 12-years-old can eat for half price. Convinced yet?

Easter at Cairo Marriott

Lunch Buffet @ Roy's Country Kitchen

We know most of you like to keep it super Egyptian during Easter, but there's no harm in exploring the delicacies of the country kitchen! 

Dinner Buffet @ Roy's Country Kitchen 

Yeah yeah, you may as well stay here until dinner time because we know very well that you over ate and you couldn't move to get home. Isn't that what Sham El Nessim is about? We're not judging.

The Bakery

And if you decide to only attend just one buffet, well you better pick up some Easter bunnies, treats, chocolates, and cakes for all of your friends who have envied you for coming out here in the first place! Yum. 

Running from 16th to 17th of April.

El Gouna

Moulin Rouge Bel 3araby @ Mangroovy 

‘Ahh law le3ebt ya zahr, w 3erefna neroo7 El Gouna nesma3 Ahmed Sheba’ is what everyone has been thinking since hearing about the new cabaret concept taking place at Mangroovy Beach over Easter. The beach front of the amazing premises will be transformed into a living, breathing Egyptian style Moulin Rouge thanks to Checkmate Events. Guest appearances by Pousy, Maya Maghraby, Ahmed Sheba, and Lyon Avakian - you heard it here first.

Easter Bunnies Extravaganza @ Sliders Cable

Lith K and Sebzz on the lineup for Easter Bunnies Extravaganza at one of Gouna’s hottest pool clubs; Sliders. The hosts of the this new themed party are telling you to “Accessorise your sexiest wetsuit with a carefree attitude…” and that they will bring the action.

DJ Khaled Hussein @ Club 88

If you’ve been to Gouna before you would know Club 88, famous for there fantastic circular pool overlooking the Red Sea right on the tip of the Abu Tig Marina. The guys over there know a thing or two about celebrations - everyday of the year is treated as one. For this specific celebration they are banking on the talents of star DJ Khaled Hussien, his music works in every situation, pool side during the day definitely is one of them, support on oud by Mostafa Ghazal.


Etsialat Emerald’s Music Festival ft. Dire Straits

After earning a round of applause in 2016, and as part of this year's massive tour, you'll be getting another chance to experience the full force of Dire Straits as they put together quite an extravagant show not to be missed this Easter during Etisalad Emerald’s Music Festival.

Horrible DJs @ Elements Club and Lounge

The larger than life duo that has been all over the planet from Madrid to Constantinople and are now landing in Hurghada for a once in a lifetime pre-sold out show utilising their influential spheres in the realms of self-catered and unpaid for tech house and disco techno jams, bringing forth all the elements found in this life and from previous ones before in a harmoniously chaotic, gelified, and whole heartedly horrible experience.

DJ Tarkan ft. Diva Vocal @ Little Buddha

Is there another place to hit in Hurghada worth staying up late for other than Little Buddha? Definitely! But the mystical Buddha is making it even extra difficult for you to miss out as DJ Tarkan, who's been making waves through Turkey and earning number 1 spots for three years in a row, along with Bulgarian dance-club artist DIVA Vocal, who's going to be shooting musical messages directly to your soul. Because Easter is all about spiritual awakening, no?

Sharm El Sheikh

DJ Saeed Younan @ Space Sharm El Sheikh

Returning to Sharm El Sheikh over Easter is none other than Iraqi/American dance music star act Saeeed Younan. All of his previous visits resulted in utterly stellar sets, this is sure to be no different.

Swagga ft. DJ Shoni & DJ Medoz @ Sanafir

Being lost in Sharm looking for that dose of swag should involve a stop by Sanafir, because Sharm's number one hip hop night Swagga has Shony and Medoz on music duty.

Ain Sokhna

Kites Festival @ TEDA Swiss Inn Plaza

Remember when what you did all day was fly kites and wonder when dinner will be served? We're sure that's a habit that stuck with most grownups until now, but you could celebrate China's Spring Festival on Egyptian land AND feel like a total child again during the Kites Festival being held in Ain Sokhna.

April 17th


Aguizi & Fahim @ Cairo Jazz Club 

Hot on the heels of their recent release with Young Pharaos’ Shahd El Sharaawy, Aguizi and Fahim set out on a local mini tour, of which Egypt’s leading musical haven is definitely included. Catch the ever so popular duo in action during the Easter Music Feast at Cairo Jazz Club on Monday the 17th.

Surprise Sundays @ The Tap East and The Tap Maadi

SURPRISE! Up for a night of spontaneous fun? Pass by any of The Taps tonight!

Easter @ Billy Beez

If you find the golden egg, you'll be getting free Billy Beez tickets! May surprises and gifts await other lucky winners of their huge Easter egg hunt on Monday. See you on the finish line!

Mai Selim & Diab @ The Spot

Mai Selim and Diab will be making an appearance this Easter and The Spot New Cairo, their performance we heart will be amazing. If you care not for entertainment and rather spend your Easter playing with your little loved ones, you will be glad to know that activities on the day include count the chicks game, painting wall, meet the egg & rabbit, clown parade, face painting, wall of hands, arts & crafts, easter egg hunt, and colourful people human statues - basically a full blown Easter carnival.

Easter at JW Marriott 

Easter @ Plateau

Instead of huddling over your lunch table watching TV, you can feast your eyes on the breathtaking lakes surrounding Plateau and get your Easter appetite warmed up for their special breakfast and lunch set menus.

Easter at Cairo Marriott

Breakfast Buffet @ Omar’s Café & Promenade Café

Salty fish for breakfast? Pfft, we've been preparing for this all year! There will be a buffet from 6:00am to 11:00am for all you weaklings who can't handle the Egyptian fish. 

Brunch/Lunch Buffet @ Omar’s Café & Promenade Café

Sham El Nessim will never be true to its core without a buffet that features renga and feseekh. Anyone who tells you otherwise can't sit with us! Good, because now there will be more room for you to see the Jazzy live band from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

Renaissance Hotel

Easter @ Renaissance

Do you even remember the last time you got away from your usual day-to-day routine? And you're probably thinking that this Easter will be no different because work work work work work, he say me have to..... Oops, sorry. But it sure feels like that! Renaissance have got Sham el Nessim room packages this Easter with deluxe rooms and day-use of the pool. Check them out here. 

Easter @ Chinoix

A special salt crusted fish dish for the whole family to share on Easter? Chinoix providing us with the Easter classic this year, but in style and without the mess. 

Easter @ Citron

Only the finest and most decadent international cuisine buffet will be available at Citron, along with live entertainment from 12:00pm. You should probably skip breakfast.  

Easter @ En Passant

Easter is all about the food, especially in Egypt. Your extended family are also probably preparing for a feast as we speak. You can either go disappointingly empty handed as you do every year, or you can grab all the fresh baked cookies and desserts especially made for Easter from En Passant bakery. And if you’re not feeling that generous, just inhale everything you bought in one go so you don’t get forced into eating renga. Kidding, renga is life. 

Easter @ Vintage 

You can never celebrate too much during the Easter weekend. You can top off the celebration with Vintage's spring party with a DJ and a kick ass percussion mix.

Running from 16th to 17th of April.

Easter @ Sol Pool Bar 

Seeing as the kids probably had too much fun yesterday at Sol Pool Bar, you should totally bring them here again to do the same thing all over! But this time, you'll be absorbing the live DJ vibes and a delicious BBQ Lunch. 

Easter at Sofitel Gezirah

Easter @ Sofitel Gezirah

This one is for all of you who can’t be bothered going to the coast either because you haven’t been able to escape work, or because you’re just really lazy. But still, you want to do something a little fun. Just spend the weekend at Sofitel, hurray!

Swimming Pool 

We’ll definitely be here because swimming pool, LIVE shawerma, and crepe stations. ‘Nuff said. 


Seeing as you haven’t consumed enough calories during Easter yet, it’s time to go all out at Sud’s lunch buffet full of delicate international cuisine delights. You’ll be by the Nile too, so like, lots of air, and water, and stuff.

El Kebabgy 

But then again, you may have eaten too much already, so you might prefer to play it a little safe by having a more simple lunch at El Kebabgy. Plus, you’d be staying true to the Egyptian spirit because they serve up hamam, mahshy, hawawshi, fattah, kebda, mumbar, mousakka and loads more. Okay, we’re probably going to over eat again. But it’s okay; the live oriental band will get us embracing our inner Fifi Abdou, and we'll be able to squeeze in some dessert afterwards.

La Palmeraie

Fancy a mini trip to Morrocco? Sort of. Well La Pameraie are smothering us with Moroccan yum yums that we can barely pronounce, plus a Nile promenade walk, plus drinks and shisha. PLUS, they’re even going to take care of the kids in a special program organised just for them. Win win?


Easter Brunch @ Conrad

Imagine all of the food you can stuff in your mouth in a buffet that runs for five hours while the kids under five get eagle-eyed for the Easter egg hunt. The kids under five also get to eat for free, so you can totally shove food in their plate and then just eat it yourself without being judged. They also get special entertainment. Kids aged six to 12 get in for half price, so maybe you should try to dress as a child as well. Actually don’t. Just enjoy the fabulous belly dancing and live music while doing absolutely the right thing. Call +20225808481 to reserve.  

Easter @ InterContinental City Stars

El donya rabee3 wl gaw badee3... We're hoping the live band and DJ play the Easter songs we all love to dance to. Maybe we'll even get on the dance floor with the belly dancer and let loose! But actually, we're only here for the sham el nessim buffet and to throw the kids to the face painters, the gypsum colouring, the magician, the cartoon characters show, some Play Station, and kiddie rides in the E-Zone. To reserve, call +(202) 24800009. 

Easter at Kempinski

Easter @ The State

Don't freak out, you don't have to be out of bed at 6:00am to make it to The State for Easter. In fact you have the luxury to sleep in and just stroll in whenever you're ready because either way you'll catch a Sham El Nessim breakfast or brunch. If you make it to brunch, you're getting a DJ and plenty of activities for the kids. To reserve, call 01097111151.

Easter @ Bab Al Qasr

Bab Al Qasr's authenticity never ceases to to impress us, especially during one of the most traditional holidays of the year. Egyptian classics, and a sultry belly dancer 'till the AM. 

Easter @ 1897 Bar 

When you're done eating for the day, paying your dues, and spending time with your family, get fancied up and head to 1897 Bar to zone out with the live band. 

Easter at Mena House Hotel

Sham El Nessim Breakfast @ 139 Pavillion

It's bright, it's sunny, it's Easter and it's Sham El Nessim. Breakfast by the pyramids while getting that vitamin D at Mena House's 139 Pavillion is exactly what you need to top your festivities for the day.

Sham El Nessim Lunch @ Alfredo

Remember how it was sunny in the morning (or so we predict)? Mena House's Alfredo is blessing you with the privilege of indulging in their lavish lunch menu by the pool. So you know, you can have a dive after you eat in your fabulous spring outfit.  

El Gouna

Swing Into Spring @ The Smokery Beach El Gouna
At the Smokery Beach in El Gouna you will find yourself swinging into various kinds of spring time action. The beach side shindig will include performances by Amr Hosny and Egyptian purveyor of everything Jazz, Ahmed Harfoush. Maya Maghraby will also be on call swinging her hips whenever she deems necessary. However, the events true headliner is The Smokery’s menu.  


Moose & Roma @ Color Beach Club

If you ever find yourself a little lonely in Hurghada and you so happen to be female, Color Beach Club wants you to go out there and mingle! Tonight's Ladies night features Moose and Roma controlling the keys to the tunes while all you'll be worrying about is your next drink.

Sharm El Sheikh

Dream Factory ft. Gonzi @ The Cave

If you're stuck in Sharm El Sheikh on Easter, and suddenly find yourself starting to think about work again, The Cave's Easter rave by the Dream Factory is bringing trance icon Gonzi this Monday night, who'll be sharing the decks with various talented acts including Reel Brazza, 4MT, Psychedelice, and more!


Easter ft. Baher Bino & Kholoud @ Club 35

After you're done with your Easter afternoon shenanigans with the family, sneak away to Club 35's Easter bash with Resident DJ Baher Bino and belly dancer Kholoud.

  April 18th


Hippy Hop ft. Fedde @ Wunder Kind

It's a bumpy ride down wondrous Wunder Kind, but sinking into the night would go quite smoother when you've got DJ Fedde's hip hop music to suit as a perfect soundtrack. Slide all the way through!

Sham El Nessim Lunch Buffet @ Westin

It's never too late to celebrate the Easter weekend at Westin. LOADS of food at their one-of-a-kind buffet, and plenty of celebrations until 5:00pm with a live duet band, face painting for the little ones, and water games. As usual, kiddies under six get to eat for free and from six to 12-years-old get to eat for half price.

Artwork illustration by Nourhan Emad.