Thursday 2 of February, 2023
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Egyptian Art Initiative Adorns Damietta's Walls with 25 Stunning Pieces of Graffiti

Local art initiative Gedary teamed up with a group of Egyptian graffiti artists give the village of Kafr El Ghab in Damietta capture an indelible Eid present!

Staff Writer

A number of young Egyptian graffiti artists decided to give the city of Damietta an unforgettable and (indelible) gift for Eid, ornamenting the walls of the Kafr El Ghab village with vivid and expressive murals between June 29th and July 3rd, reports Daily News Egypt.

The artists’ work in the village is part of Gedary, a project initiated and coordinated by 24-year-old street artist Ahmed Gaber (a.k.a. Nemo) who told the publication he was inspired to do it after a group of young Kafr El Ghab residents “suggested doing something new for their village.”

“I suggested gathering the largest possible number of graffiti artists in Egypt to hold the first graffiti event here. I contacted a huge number of artists and all of them were willing to volunteer in the event, but the community was dedicated to paying for the tools, brushes, and colours used,” Nemo told Daily News Egypt.

Graffiti artists from across the country flocked to Damietta, painting 25 pieces of graffiti capturing the culture's various aspects from Sufi influences to social symbols. Medo El Rayan, Ahmed Fathy (a.k.a. Al Nakash) and Islam Abo Zeid are just some of the participating artists in Gedary. Here are our 17 favourite pieces!  Check out Gedary on Facebook